Yuji’s House by Goiva Architects: A Modern and Renovated Interior


Yuji’s House, located in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo, is a project by Goiva Architects. The 40-year-old building, made of solid bricks, is situated on a narrow and short lot. The architects, Karen Evangelisti and Marcos Mendes, were tasked with creating a modern and well-finished home that incorporates Brazilian design in the interiors.

The client’s request included two bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper floor, as well as a social area that is ideal for hosting guests. The living room and kitchen are connected on the first floor, and a barbecue area and deck were built in the back. The corridor, which was originally used for circulation, has been incorporated into the social area, bringing in natural light and adorned by landscaping for added privacy.

In addition to the main living areas, the architects also excavated the basement to create a pub, a special request from the resident. Access to the pub is through a sculptural steel staircase and an intimate garden. The parking lot is located below the first floor, taking advantage of the excavation done by the previous owners.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was the structural aspect. New support structures were added to the original walls, and the house was extended in the kitchen area using concrete. The architects aimed to modernize the house while maintaining its old language and history.

The facade features concrete volumes that stand out in the landscape, providing more light and space to the interior. At night, the external lighting enhances the architecture and creates a welcoming atmosphere. The result is a home that maintains the characteristics of the local houses while having a completely modern and renovated interior.

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