YouTuber Danny Duncan Opens Frozen Yogurt Shop In Naples


YouTuber Danny Duncan has opened a frozen yogurt shop in Naples.

Danny Duncan is an insanely popular YouTuber, with over 7 million followers on his channel. He also happens to be from Englewood, so a bit of a local celebrity for us here in Southwest Florida. Over the weekend, it was the grand opening of his frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles in Naples.

If you’re unfamiliar with Danny Duncan, he is known for outrageous stunts and mischievous pranks. Danny skyrocketed to YouTube fame by turning everyday life into a playground for his over-the-top antics. I remember when I was working at a restaurant in Sarasota when I first moved to Florida, he came in to eat one night and there was a line of kids by his table for an autograph. The place went NUTS.

Well, it happened again this weekend at the grand opening of 16 Handles in Naples. It was absolutely chaos, as SO many people came out to celebrate.

Danny Duncan is the co-owner of the frozen yogurt chain. 16 Handles started in 2008 as New York City’s first self-serve fro-yo shop. Last year, 16 Handles was purchased by franchisee, Neil Hershman. Duncan was so impressed by the store, he wanted in and is now co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of the brand.

Like the name suggests, the stores have 16 rotating flavors and tons of toppings to make your own creation of deliciousness.

You can check out the new location of 16 Handles in Naples at 3369 Pine Ridge Road.

15 Popular Celebrity Homes on YouTube

The private lives of celebrities fascinate the general public. Their personal styles and influence impact trends from popular culture to hairstyles. And when it comes to how these high-profile figures really live, many jump at the opportunity to glimpse into their realities via their often glamorous abodes. Every one of these celebrity homes showcases its owner’s styles, interests, and creature comforts. Some opt for white walls and open spaces. Others choose cozier finishes and pops of color.

For more than a century, Architectural Digest has been highlighting beautiful homes and the glittering personalities that live in them. The publication, which now publishes nine international editions, has its finger on the pulse when it comes to fresh, bold, and innovative design and architecture. A popular offshoot of the magazine is its YouTube channel, which boasts 5.94 million subscribers. One of its series is Open Door. Open Door offers a glimpse into the lives of celebrities and their multimillion-dollar homes.

Using viewer counts and data from March 7, 2022, Lazzoni Modern Furniture ranked the 15 most popular celebrity homes exhibited on Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel. Ten out of the 15 homes on the list were located in Southern California. Six situated in Los Angeles proper, two in Beverly Hills, one in Hidden Hills, and one in Calabasas. The values of each home are estimated based on information provided by the respective Architectural Digest videos or news reports and represent what each celebrity or couple paid for their home. For all 144 videos, including some from Florida, That playlist is on their Youtube page.

Now, take a gander at these gems of domiciles with this list.

Danny Duncan Yogurt Naples

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