Why marketing for lifestyle factors matters and how to do it

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From skiing and mountain biking to wine collecting and fine dining, connoisseurs of luxury real estate extend their taste for excellence across a range of adjacent luxury activities. To effectively market to these potential buyers, agents must know the niches and lifestyles that appeal to them.

I’ve been in this business for two decades. In that time, I’ve positioned myself as a leading expert in the sale of equestrian estates. I know who my clients and prospects are — and due to my strategic marketing activities, they know who I am and how to connect with me.

The more dedicated you are, the more detailed you can be

Casey Flannery – Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty

It pays to be specialized when targeting and attracting buyers. Rather than trying to monitor everything simultaneously, focus on relevant areas — once you narrow your focus, you begin to see much more detail. In turn, that allows you to enrich your expertise and tailor your offerings.

You can have your finger on the pulse of the market at all times, maintaining an awareness of any pertinent changes. You may ask:

What new projects are happening in expansion, new construction, or city and town ordinances?

Where are the protected areas, and where are the buildable plots?

What lifestyle factors will forthcoming properties support — for example, do they provide beachfront access, country club memberships, or wellness spas?

Which residences should be marketed as year-round, and which would be seasonal or occasional?

Marketing real estate for unique lifestyles can be as personally rewarding as it is professionally lucrative. It lets you explore areas that fascinate you while uncovering exciting and valuable insights for your clients.

If this seems like an approach you’d like to pursue in your own practice, here are my top three tips to make your marketing efforts a success.

1. Expand your network beyond prospects, clients, and agents

Casey Flannery – Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty

When you think of your sphere of influence, you probably think of your past and present clientele, your immediate future prospects, and the local and global colleagues you collaborate with.

But as a luxury specialist, you also need to consider the facilities and amenities throughout your community that serve your clients’ lifestyles. Whether your clients visit fashion boutiques, artisan breweries, entertainment venues, or even pet salons, you share them with your local businesses. So connect with the business owners and make them a part of your referral network.

2. Build a brand that becomes synonymous with your specialty

Casey Flannery – Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty

It’s vital to be on-brand, and consistency is key. I recommend partnering with the same distinguished photographer and videographer for all your marketing materials and cultivating a signature, authentic aesthetic. When you apply this aesthetic across your listings, brochures, newsletters, and everything else, your clients — and would-be clients — will only need to take one look to know that you’re the authority on their desired location and lifestyle.

3. Be the trusted expert that your clients can turn to long-term

Casey Flannery – Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty

Many real estate agents think that marketing only happens before obtaining a client. But at its core, marketing is communication — and communication should be continuous. I’ve found that sharing my materials with both my past and present buyers has resulted in numerous referrals over the years.

To do this effectively, you need to cut through the noise. Realize that your clients’ lifestyle needs, and the conveniences available to them, are constantly evolving, and tell them what they want to know before they have to ask.

Luxury real estate marketing is luxury lifestyle marketing

Casey Flannery – Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty

You may not consider yourself a specialist in a particular lifestyle segment but think about it this way: your market, by its very nature, is a specialty. People are coming to your community because they value the lifestyles that it enables. Now it’s up to you to understand what those lifestyles are, and how you can use them to differentiate your listings and services.

Casey Flannery

Casey Flannery is a partner at Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty with 16 years of experience in luxury real estate. She has been licensed since 2003 and is known for her expertise in high-end properties, including golf and equestrian estates. Casey holds a degree in real estate from Florida State University and is actively involved in Wellington’s equestrian community. Prior to joining Sotheby’s International Realty, she worked at a prestigious local firm, specializing in Palm Beach polo and equestrian communities. Casey has received numerous awards for her sales achievements, including being named the top-selling agent in 2020.

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