Why is SterlingOSB Zero the obvious choice for architects like Rob Annable?

Rob Annable discusses why SterlingOSB Zero’s cost-effectiveness, sustainable production and supply make it his ideal choice for timber frame construction

Rob Annable, Director of Axis Design Architects spoke to West Fraser about his use of SterlingOSB Zero.

Rob was the co-creator, alongside Justin Pickard, of the commended entry in the West Fraser SterlingOSB Zero/RIBAJ competition: The Retreat.

Their Oriented Stranded Grottoes used the decomposition process of fenland biomaterials to generate methane energy, all relying on the strength and weatherproof resilience of SterlingOSB Zero in the grotto structure.

While the competition afforded Rob and Justin the opportunity to imagine a hypothetical use for the product, Rob explained that he makes great use of the product in his work.

Why do you specify SterlingOSB Zero?

Probably because of its cost versus return. It is a cost-effective product for forming timber structures, volumes and partitions. Across the construction process, it has a good return on its investment.

As an architect what do you like about SterlingOSB Zero?

I use SterlingOSB Zero in practice quite a lot because of increased interest in timber frame construction. Using it as a racking board and as part of a strategy for air-tightness in collaboration with other membrane and tank products, it often becomes a key part of the work that I do using timber frame construction.

How important is it as an architect to use an OSB supplier who is committed to sustainable production and supply?

It’s critically important! The decision to move more towards timber frame and use sustainable materials throughout my practice has to be underpinned by this sort of commitment. There’s little point in specifying timber products that don’t offer that sort of security.”

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