Viewpoint Educational Program Collaborates with VLK Architects to Explore the Impact of Architecture on Learning Environments

In a bid to highlight the importance of thoughtful and sustainable architecture in educational settings, Viewpoint is partnering with VLK Architects to examine how the design of schools can significantly influence the learning experience and contribute to the broader growth of communities.

Sustainability and Quality at the Core:

The upcoming episode will place a strong emphasis on sustainability and quality in architectural design. Key members of the VLK Architects team will share their insights on how sustainable innovative practices and a focus on quality in the built environment can create positive and lasting effects on education and community development.

Filming Details:

The episode is scheduled for filming in 2024, bringing together the expertise of VLK Architects and the quality and innovation of the Viewpoint production team to explore the intricate relationship between architecture, education, and community growth. The program’s staff will engage in discussions with key members of the VLK team VLK CEO and Partner Sloan Harris and esteemed client Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent of schools for Denton ISD, to provide viewers with an in-depth understanding of the role architecture plays in shaping the future of education.

“There isn’t a greater responsibility than designing environments for our children and their teachers to flourish and grow”, stated Sloan Harris. “The impact that we can have to the betterment of our future through a thriving education system has no equal. Designing learning environments is the beacon of architecture in how it influences our society and culture.”

About VLK Architects:

VLK Architects is a leading architectural firm based in Texas, known for its innovative and sustainable designs and collaborative approach across various sectors, including education. The firm is committed to creating environments that inspire and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them.

About Viewpoint:

Viewpoint is a distinguished educational program hosted by Dennis Quaid, dedicated to exploring pressing issues and advancements across various industries. The program aims to inform and inspire viewers by providing expert insights and in-depth analyses on topics that shape our world.

Media Contact

Development Division, Viewpoint with host Dennis Quaid, 561-244-7620, [email protected], 

SOURCE Viewpoint with host Dennis Quaid

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