Viewers blast ‘cowboy’ brokers on BBC 2 show Crazy Rich Agents

‘I wouldn’t let them sell bananas’: Viewers blast ‘pumped up school kids’ on BBC 2 show Crazy Rich Agents calling them ‘a bunch of cowboys’

Viewers have blasted BBC reality programme Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes, with one saying they wouldn’t trust the brokers to ‘sell bananas’.

The new series features five rookie real estate brokers, who have given up their old jobs and ‘risked it all to make it big in the world of luxury real estate’, according to the broadcaster.

Ditching their salaries, they have been taken on by the new London branch of US property firm Nest Seekers, and given the opportunity to sell million-pound mansions in the UK and beyond.

But their income is entirely commission based, and so they are battling to cut ‘six figure commission cheques that could make or break them’.

Among the brokers are Krish, is a former building society worker and a born hustler, ex care home worker Georgie, former model Vanesa, and Aly.

BBC2 programme Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes shows aspiring brokers (aka estate agents) trying to sell luxury properties for huge commissions

However, a number of viewers were left seriously unimpressed with the rookie brokers' attempts at selling the properties, blasting them on social media

According to the company’s US CEO, Eddie Shapiro: ‘We look for the next rising stars. 

‘We like to invest in them, empower them, help them grow and become the next superstars.’ 

The show follows them as they attempt to shift the luxury properties, but many viewers were left unimpressed with their sales skills.

According to one Twitter (now ‘X’) user: ‘Seriously….these are a bunch of pumped up school kids, with zero property experience. I wouldn’t let them sell bananas. This is the bbc going all channel5.’ 

Another agreed, writing: ‘The agents are so bad what even is this programme.’ 

Meanwhile a third added: ‘So no one sold anything and the only thing that looks possible has come via Ali’s sister and a Saudi guy who is himself an agent fit someone else. Not v successful then.’

And a fourth was even more scathing, writing: ‘Can this guy not string a single coherent sentence together?’

In a similar vein, a further viewer added: ‘What a bunch of cowboys. Who’s employing these agents for multimillion pound properties.’

Some took to social media to criticise the show's stars, questioning their sales techniques and acumen

Another concurred, saying: ‘knock off selling sunset. Saved by the music, otherwise absolutely cringe. Complete clowns these agents, where did they find these people.’

And a further disgruntled viewer took to the platform to add: ‘I heard that all of these wannabe estate agents got laughed off The Apprentice and now they’re here. Next year Love Island.’ 

Speaking about the series, Daniel McPeake, managing director of Nest Seekers’ UK operation, said: ‘This is a warts-and-all show.

‘They’re not living in £2m houses and wearing designer gear. That only happens to a select few. These are real brokers.’ 

Watch Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes on Sundays at 9pm on BBC Two and iPlayer, plus stream every episode on BBC iPlayer straight after episode. 

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