VANDAL lifts veil on world-first generative AI art for Lendlease, Darling Quarter North

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Commissioned by Lendlease, AI ATELIER by VANDAL has unveiled ‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’, a world-first, feature length, generative AI digital art exhibition and digital placemaking project for Darling Quarter North.

Says Chris Scott, creative director, VANDAL: “‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’ was created over the course of a year and utilise a bespoke set of artificial intelligence tools developed exclusively by VANDAL.”

“The result is a world-first in smooth, ultra-high resolution motion digital art, created using generative artificial intelligence.”

“The AI anomaly perfected by VANDAL is the ability to produce AI animation void of flickering, resulting in super smooth temporal coherence.”

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Says Tracey Taylor, executive producer, VANDAL: “Featuring over 130 minutes of generative motion digital art, it tells the story of Australia’s flora, fauna and climate across changing seasons.

“The 12 month-long motion art exhibition is a captivating ecological journey through natural and environmental events in Australia.

“Across 4 films, ‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’ depicts sequential changes and triggers that occur at specific times of the yearly cycle. All generated by means of VANDAL’s custom AI toolset.

“From subtle transformations in the air and soil, specific plant flowerings and fruitings, to noticeable quirks in animal behaviour, the art shows that our seasons are not constrained by calendar months and years, but by a cyclical rhythm that sustains and replenishes itself; a rhythm honed over the billions of years that our planet, and the life on it, has existed.”

‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’ was commissioned for the redevelopment of Darling Quarter North and is presented on a state-of-the-art, 47 sqm ultra high-definition LED array, visible from multiple viewpoints around the precinct.

Says Joseph Pole, animation AI lead, VANDAL: “AI algorithms, responsible for the generation of the art itself, work from a huge set of unique and custom-trained imagery.

“Our process of machine learning involved training our AI model with thousands of bespoke, curated images. Our AI engine then processes this dataset to identify patterns and significant features. The ‘knowledge’ gained from ‘studying’ these images gives VANDAL ultimate control and precision in achieving our desired artistic results.”

Adds Taylor: “VANDAL’s AI ATELIER’ is born out of our passion for creativity, art and technology.

“As this mind-bending technology changes and evolves, VANDAL is relishing the challenge of harnessing AI as another production tool and partner in our creative arsenal.”

‘Natural Rhythms of Australia’ is currently on display to the public at Darling Quarter North and will run for the next 12 months.

Project Manager, UX, Construction: Chris Silva
Customer Strategy Lead, Asset Management: Juliette Rossi

Executive Director, Creative Strategy: Emile Rademeyer
Executive Producer: Tracey Taylor
Creative Director: Chris Scott
AI Animation Lead: Joseph Pole
AI Software Developer: Nicholas Tsaoucis
Creative Technology: Sarthak Sachdeva
Sound Design: Nigel Crowley
Digital Media Lead: Kristy Hawkins
Photography: Kev Bouquet

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