This Viral Zillow Listing Has an Unexpected Celebrity Backstory


When we’re not covering the hottest TikTok trends or sharing our two cents on the biggest, most viral home debates, you better believe we’re scrolling through Zillow Gone Wild. Sure, window-shopping on Zillow might be everyone’s favorite way to pass the time, but the Instagram account handpicks extravagant listings to create a truly special browsing experience. And when one of our favorite Zillow Gone Wild posts just so happens to be a celebrity’s home, it’s certainly worth celebrating. Or at least that’s the case with this upstate New York residence, which was owned by former talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael. (According to listing agent Harriet Norris, the media personality bought the home in 1997 and it’s served as her primary residence until today.)

Known for her juicy tabloid television style and fire-engine-red glasses, Raphael is known for embracing her bold side—and this 15,000-square-foot home is no exception. Nestled in Pawling, New York, which is less than 70 miles north of Manhattan, this mansion offers peak maximalist vibes with a mélange of wood-paneled rooms, spaces covered in floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, and gorgeous, stained-glass windows. It’s like a modern-day castle, minus the the moat. (That said, this property does have a 12,000-square-foot stable, a yoga studio, and two caretaker’s homes. So, really, who needs a moat?)

Though Zillow Gone Wild often posts spaces that are…well, unusual, the internet is low-key obsessed with this opulent, $6.5 million abode. “By the seventh photo, I acquired a monocle,” one person jokes. “By the 10th, official aristocrat.” Another comments, “Owner should rent this out for murder mystery parties. Has a vibe.” (A third even mentioned that this could be “the next set for a Knives Out movie.”) But whether you’d want to live in this Shakespearean fantasy or just channel your inner Benoit Blanc here, one thing’s for sure: You need a closer look at this pad. So kick back, relax, and scroll on.

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