This New Lighting Collection Exudes Grandmillennial Style


Interior designer Ariel Okin, who is best known for designing celebrity homes, including those of Sara Foster and Lena Dunham, just launched a gorgeous lighting collaboration with Mitzi. From table lamps to fixtures you didn’t even know you needed, every piece in this grandmillennial collection is beautiful and intentional.

Even if you don’t think your home needs additional lighting, Okin tells me it probably does. “Lighting is the jewelry in a room,” she says. “It makes a statement and can bring a space in so many different directions depending on the other silhouettes, patterns, and textures you mix and match with it. From a mood-setting perspective, having more than one light source (we always like to have three in every room) can take a space from ‘operating room’ to ‘dinner party perfect.’ It’s an underrated, important aspect of setting the tone in your home,” the designer explains.

Here’s everything you need to know about the launch, as well as some of Okin’s favorite pieces. 

The Inspiration

One of the best things about the collection is the choice of colors, including neutral white hues as well as the designer’s signature blue. Every piece feels very much on-trend, yet has a timeless quality you can enjoy for years to come. 

“The main inspiration for this collection started with thinking about what we wished we had at our disposal to use in projects. We riffed off of textures, colors, and finishes that we love and use frequently in different ways, from plaster to crackled pale blue glazes, to ombré navy, and iterated with the Mitzi team together until we got it right,” Okin says. “My goal with this collection was to create pieces that could all live in the same house together and create a cohesive story that mixed and matched easily.”

Favorite Fixtures


While there isn’t a piece in the collection that isn’t worth considering, Okin’s favorite fixture is the Gladwyne Chandelier ($790,, which is named for the town she grew up in. “It is such a versatile piece that can translate in both traditional homes and contemporary spaces easily.” Cool, clean, and coastal, this piece would look good in a dining room or breakfast nook. If you aren’t in the market for a chandelier, the Gladwyne Wall Sconce is a great alternative to consider. 


If you’re looking for new lighting in your kitchen, Okin recommends the blue Fenimore Pendant lights ($390, If blue doesn’t work in your kitchen, you’re in luck, because it’s also available in white. 


Another one of Okin’s personal favorites is the Clarendon Table Lamp ($390, because of its powdery blue color and cracked glaze. While this lamp looks exquisite on a nightstand in a bedroom, it can easily be used in the living room on a side table or on a desk to add an extra dose of charm to a home office.


However, the Fifi Picture Light ($390, is a true show-stopper. Available in brass, black, and white in three different sizes, it’s the ultimate finishing touch. While the scalloped edges are very much on-trend right now, it’s a piece you’ll enjoy year after year. 

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