Themes and Variations NFT: Unlocking the Artistry of Letters

NFTs completely transformed the digital world by representing digital assets in the form of music, games, virtual real estate, and digital art. Themes and Variations NFT is an add-on to the list of art-based NFTs and was introduced by Vera Molnar and Martin Grasser in July 2023. The NFT collection is now ready to show its magic using the power of letters.     

What Makes the Themes and Variations of NFTs Popular?

Themes and Variations NFTs is a collection of 495 unique generative artwork designed keeping in mind the artistry of letters. The NFTs run over the Ethereum blockchain and are designed with the purpose to encompass the power of letters “N”,” F”, and “T” in artwork as well as the NFT landscape. Vera Molnar and Martin Grasser introduced the collection to embark on an artistic journey by integrating letters, technology, and pure abstract forms, and on its way to boom the NFT space. The overall NFT theme revolves around the three letters, color, and composition to design a unique and eye-catching collection. The collection is designed to thrill the NFT marketplace and play a key role in financially supporting artists.  

Focusing on popularity, Themes and Variations #0 is the oldest collection, designed with the letter N over a 2×2 Grid whereas Themes and Variations #444 is the most viewed NFTs in the collection designed with the letters NFT over a 10×10 Grid. Looking forward to the cost, Themes, and Variations #86 and #437 are considered among the costlier NFTs worth 325 ETH and 99 ETH respectively. On the other side, Themes and Variations #337 and #395 are the cheapest NFTs in the collection valued at 5.95 ETH and 6 ETH respectively.  

Among the collection, Themes and Variations #24 and #88 are the most favorite NFTs priced at 24 ETH and 8 ETH respectively. Themes and Variations #437, #124, and #273 are the best NFTs to purchase at present as categorized under best offers. The collection is going to boom in the NFT marketplace in the upcoming days and making a purchase is worthwhile.                  

Current State and Future Forecast  

The NFT collection was introduced recently and gained popularity beyond expectations with a total volume of 903 ETH and 271 total sales. Themes and Variations NFTs have around 259 owners among which 52% of the individuals are unique owners holding at least one NFT from the collection. The floor price of the NFT collection in the past 24 hours is 5.9 ETH with total sales of 82 and a volume of 409 ETH, representing a decline of 19%. The collection can be purchased from platforms like OpenSea.   


Themes and Variations NFTs is a unique art collection designed by Vera Molnar and Martin Grasser. The purpose is to include artwork with letters, technology, and pure abstract forms to attract NFT investors. It is a collection of 495 items designed using the three letters N, F, and T using different colors and compositions. 11% of the collection is listed at present and boomed the NFT marketplace within a few hours of launch.

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