The Importance of Real Estate Professionals in Buying and Selling Property


Equity, pre-approval, contingencies, appraisal: These are terms associated with buying real estate, but understanding them can be challenging for both seasoned and inexperienced home buyers. In today’s economic climate, it is more vital than ever to grasp the intricacies involved in the real estate market, which is marked by inflation, high interest rates, and high home prices across the country.

That’s where the expertise of a seasoned real estate professional comes into play. A real estate agent, real estate broker, or Realtor can provide essential guidance and support throughout the buying or selling process. While these terms are often used interchangeably, there are notable distinctions between them.

A Realtor is a registered term used to describe a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. With access to market data and transaction management services unique to this trade organization, Realtors adhere to a strict code of ethics. On the other hand, a real estate agent is licensed to help people buy and sell real estate, while a real estate broker possesses the same abilities as an agent but also has the option to work independently and employ their own agents.

Real estate professionals can represent either the buyer or the seller, or act as dual agents in some cases. Dual agency, where the same professional represents both parties in a transaction, is typically avoided to prevent conflicts of interest. Commissions typically fall between 5 and 6 percent of the transaction price, and this amount is divided among all real estate professionals involved in the transaction.

So, why should buyers and sellers work with real estate professionals?

First and foremost, real estate professionals offer expertise and experience. Given that buying or selling a home is a significant financial transaction, it is prudent to entrust it to professionals who understand the complexities of the real estate market. They can help sellers price their homes appropriately by conducting market analyses and considering comparable properties in the area. For buyers, real estate agents or brokers can assist in determining a reasonable offer price and connect them with local lenders.

Real estate professionals also have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a widely-used database that lists available properties across the United States. This resource enables sellers to reach more potential buyers and allows buyers to view multiple properties in one place. Additionally, real estate professionals can utilize social media platforms to effectively market properties and attract more attention.

Another advantage of working with a real estate professional is that they can facilitate negotiations and help all parties reach mutually agreeable terms. By involving a third party in the negotiations, issues can be resolved more efficiently and objectively.

In addition to streamlining the buying or selling process, working with a real estate professional provides added safety and peace of mind. They handle the logistics of showing the property, scheduling appointments, and ensuring that potential buyers are legitimate and serious.

Lastly, working with a real estate professional can help make the process less emotional. Having a third party conduct showings and handle negotiations can relieve sellers from the stress of hearing criticisms about their home or personal decorations.

In conclusion, the involvement of a real estate professional is crucial when buying or selling property in today’s complex real estate market. With their expertise, access to resources, negotiation skills, and ability to simplify the process, real estate professionals can guide buyers and sellers towards successful transactions.

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