The Graphic Novel Collection Southland Tales: The Prequel Saga is the Perfect Literary Companion to Richard Kelly’s Cult Satire — Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place


What was Q if not a massive Live Action Role Playing Game where a Dungeon Master who called himself Q laid out the clues and established the laws of an alternate reality where players could lose themselves in a weird world where Tom Hanks rapes and eats babies while Donald Trump is a messianic figure of Christ-like selflessness?

If you’re as immersed in the world of Southland Tales as I am then you’ll get a kick out of learning that the Killers song that Justin Timberlake’s emotionally shattered veteran sings to the camera in the film is the same song that was playing on his walkman when he leaped out of a plane to a strange and tragic destiny. 

Southland Tales: The Prequel Sequel has got soul AND it’s got soldiers.

In a perfect world Southland Tales would beget a Star Wars-like industry, complete with sequels and prequels and novels and spin-offs and television shows and ongoing comic book lines. I would love to see The Power adapted as a half-hour short film starring Johnson for Netflix.  

I want to continue to play in this weird, wonderful world forever and the film’s trippy, funny, insane and inspired graphic novel prequel allows me to spend even more time inside Kelly’s mind, time I very much enjoyed and will continue to enjoy. 

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