The Future Of Real Estate Leads? Redfin Launches ChatGPT Plugin


While we wouldn’t quite call it robot realtors, Redfin is getting into the AI game with the launch of a new ChatGPT plugin. 

The Redfin ChatGPT plugin is available now to eligible ChatGPT users, where one could describe their ideal home and neighborhood in everyday terms and find listings. For example:  “I’m moving to Houston for a new job with a $150,000 salary. Show me three-bedroom homes for sale with private outdoor entertaining space in neighborhoods with trendy restaurants.”

The plugin will then instantly search available listings and present a a list of options, highlighting asking price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the listing description. 

“I think the most powerful way the Redfin ChatGPT plugin can make buying a home easier today is by suggesting homes and neighborhoods that would not have been uncovered via a map-based real estate search,” said Ariel Dos Santos, Redfin’s vice president of product.

Given it’s limited initial release, there is now a waiting list to get access to Redfin’s ChatGPT plugin here.

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