The best gifts to get your loved one based on their star sign

If you are stuck when it comes to finding the perfect gift for loved ones this festive season then you should shop according to their star sign, experts say. 

The trick is to buy gifts based on the key traits for each sign – such as something to do with family for Cancer and something to aid organisation for Virgos.

Trusted Psychics has put together unique gift suggestions based on astrological signs, this method not only adds a personal touch to your gifts but also explores the connection between astrology and gift-giving. 

‘It’s a thoughtful way to match presents with the personalities and preferences indicated by the stars,’ they said.

Geminis love music and staying connected - making good headphones or a speaker the perfect gift


The ram is an action-oriented sign which makes work out gear the perfect gift.

‘Combine a Lululemon sportswear set with Bala Bangles for an Aries,’ the psychis said.

‘The stylish and high-quality Lululemon outfit is perfect for their active lifestyle, while the Bala Bangles add a fun and challenging element to their fitness routine. This gift caters to Aries’ love for action and staying fashionable during their workouts.’


‘Taurians appreciate the finer things in life. A Glossier skincare set, which combines modern aesthetics with effective, gentle ingredients, is perfect for Taurus who enjoy luxurious yet practical self-care.’


Apple AirPods, offering seamless connectivity and high-quality sound, or a JBL portable Bluetooth speaker for its crisp audio and portability make the perfect gift for the twin sign.

‘These tech gadgets cater to Gemini’s love for gadgets, music, and staying connected with friends.’


‘Emotional and family-oriented, Cancers will cherish custom home décor from somewhere like Not On The High Street,’ they said.

Personalised items for the home or a digital photo frame are perfect for their sentimental nature, according to the experts.


Known for their pride and boisterous energy Leos can be very particular about their gifts.

‘Unique fashion accessories, such as Adidas Sambas or theatre tickets to the latest shows, will cater to their desire for the spotlight and love of the arts,’ the experts said.

The ram is an action-oriented sign which makes work out gear the perfect gift


‘Practical Virgos will appreciate minimalist organisers or smart home devices that enhance their daily routine’s efficiency. Items such as an Amazon Echo will be perfect for them so they can have a smart and organised home.


Aesthetically driven, Libras will be drawn to visually appealing gifts, like a digital art course subscription which would cater to their artistic interest.

Or a stylish and protective phone case.


Known for being mysterious and introspective those under the sign of the scorpion are most likely to like a gift that will keep them at home.

‘immersive video games or a suspenseful thriller from an author like Gillian Flynn would be perfect,’ the experts said.


‘Wanderlust-driven Sagittarians will love a lightweight mini drone for their travel adventures or a backpack, ideal for the adventurous Sagittarians who value practicality and exploration,’ they said.

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Ambitious and disciplined, Capricorns will value a personalised notebook, such as one from Papier or a high-end coffee maker for their home office according to the experts.

This matches their love for practicality and traditional values. 


‘Innovative and humanitarian, Aquarians will appreciate an eco-conscious fashion piece or a creative, upcycled home accessory from Etsy,’ the experts said.


Creative and empathetic, Pisces will love something arty like a candle making kit or across stitch kit.

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