Team Navalny finds luxury real estate in Czech Republic belonging to family of Russian Tactical Missiles Corporation CEO


According to a report by Anti-Corruption Foundation chairwoman Maria Pevchikh, the family of Boris Obnosov, the head of Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation, owns luxury real estate in the Czech Republic worth more than eight million euros. The report found his family members to own a four-story house worth six million euros, a penthouse worth over one million euros, and several other properties in Prague.

Pevchikh said the Anti-Corruption Foundation would demand sanctions against Boris Obnosov and his family, in order to prevent them from entering the Czech Republic:

I don’t understand why the Czech government and the government of the European Union still allow entry to Obnosov’s family. Obnosov is a real war criminal, the Tactical Missiles Corporation is under sanctions, they participate in the war in Ukraine.

In December 2022, Navalny’s team released an investigation into Svetlana Maniovich, the wife of Russia’s deputy defense minister, Timur Ivanov. That investigation revealed that Maniovich was not subject to the E.U. sanctions that affected Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov.

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