Taurus Season: 11 Design Ideas From the Homes of Taurus Celebrities


Something interesting is happening this season on Summer House. In case you’re unfamiliar with the extended Bravo universe, the reality show follows a bunch of millennials who share a house in Montauk, New York, for the summer. They hustle during the week to descend on the Hamptons for debauched weekends filled with over-the-top themed parties and an inexplicable amount of Loverboy sparkling hard tea. When introduced to the newest cast member, Gabby Prescod, we learn that the fashion writer and influencer is also obsessed with astrology. Not only does she refuse to even flirt with a Cancer man, but Gabby is afraid to get a new job because of her need for stability, and then throws an extravagant “Studio 50 Forest” themed party. When asked what this event says about her, Gabby responds, “Excess, everything always extra, extra, extra.” What sign is she? None other than the most glamorous Earth sign in the zodiac, a Taurus. So, who better to show us how to channel that star power than Taurus celebrities?

Taurus season stops us in our tracks. The flowers are blooming and spring is officially here, so why rush to do anything? This is prime time for luxuriating in nature’s bounty and indulging the best scents, foods, and other tangible comforts. It’s a time to connect with what really brings us pleasure, especially during a time when it can feel impossible to just simply enjoy anything without turning it into content or giving it a productive spin. Taurus is blessed with a natural eye for beauty and style, but also intuitively knows what’s worth investing in and will have longevity. They have an innate admirable patience and don’t mind taking their time to build their dream home. 

Taureans only falter when surprised with change—this fixed Earth sign can be a little too grounded and has trouble embracing the new and unexpected. (This is when you’ll see their stubborn side lash out in resistance.) But 2023 is a big year for the Taurus area of our charts, as we’re still in the middle of a Taurus eclipse cycle, followed by lucky planet Jupiter entering the sign of the bull later this spring. It’s time to get in touch with our most Taurus-y selves, and we can count on these nine Taurus celebrities to guide the way. 

Objects of your affection 

No one loves their accumulation of stuff more than a Taurus. But it’s not just about collecting cheap tchotchkes or showing off fancy designer pieces. A Taurus wants to have an emotional investment in something and have it last forever. Kirsten Dunst’s Los Angeles ranch-style home is filled with meaningful treasures that her and interior designer Jane Hallworth have found over the years. There’s a door that once belonged to Jackie O, a hutch from one of the oldest castles in Sweden, and an iridescent California condor soap dish (Kirsten’s favorite bird). Jane and Kirsten didn’t rush to find these objects: They patiently collected them, only purchasing things that stirred up deep feelings—even ones that brought them to tears! 

Embrace going all-natural 

As one of the three Earth signs, Taurus has a special connection with our planet. (What other astrological season has the honor of hosting Earth Day?) It’s important for a Taurus to use organic, natural materials instead of synthetic ones, which was a top priority for Jessica Alba when she bought and renovated her Los Angeles family-friendly home. Taurus season could be a great time to replace old sheets, cleaning products, and more with their eco-friendly versions. Luckily, the actress offers tons of nontoxic home goods through her brand, The Honest Company. (Unfortunately, she doesn’t offer anything to eliminate toxic vibes, which Taurus also hates!) You can take these sustainability efforts a step further by finally getting into composting or joining a community garden. Our inner Taurus always benefits from getting more in touch with our latent green thumbs. 

Call in the TaskRabbits

Taurus can get the bad rap of being labeled as lazy—sometimes it’s hard to get the bull moving! But Taureans know that outsourcing can be the best way to get things done efficiently. When musician Darius Rucker moved into his Nashville home with Christmas right around the corner, he turned to designer Brad Schmidt and the brand Balsam Hills to spruce up the space with some holiday spirit. (Taureans also can’t resist a good theme—it gives them an excuse to decorate to the nines.) If you need help with decorating, or have been stalling on putting together new furniture, don’t hesitate to turn to a professional. Not only will it probably look better, but you’ll also save a lot of time! 

Kitchen confidential 

When Lily Allen and David Harbour merged households, her only request for the Aries was for a plain English kitchen. The Taurus singer got her wish, and their Brooklyn brownstone now boasts a gorgeous white-lacquered kitchen with a massive island covered in homemade baked goods. Every Taurus needs a good kitchen, since eating and cooking are two of their favorite hobbies. (Food is its own love language for the bull!) And, if you’re not a world-class chef, you don’t even need a functional kitchen—you just need somewhere chic to provide the best snacks and maybe display some fake fruit or cakes for your guests. 

Secret storage to stash your fave goods 

There’s plenty to envy in Tan France’s early-20th-century Salt Lake City abode. Classic arched entryways between rooms, a barely used claw-foot bathtub, a cursed portrait of the Queer Eye gang in his dining room. But what I would love to replicate in my own home is Tan’s candle closet, filled with enough Diptyque and Voluspa that you could burn with reckless abandon. Every Taurus should dedicate a secret storage space for stashing their favorite sense-delighting goods, whether that’s candles for smell, treats for taste, or cozy blankets for touch. 

Funky flora and fauna 

Everyone’s a plant parent these days, but Debby Ryan and husband Josh Dun took it to the next level with their “fantasy tree house”-themed Columbus, Ohio, home. The Taurus and Gemini couple put a surrealist spin on the great outdoors and brought in a moss-covered mantle, strawberry and corn stools, and a trippy nature-themed mural in their atrium. You can also spot quite a few mushroom items and a tiny frog in a decorative lily pad dish—clearly they’re tuned into the AD trend watch. If you can’t always get out into nature, especially if you live in a big city, you can follow the Duns’ lead and get a funny polka-dot plant or shroom lamp for your home. 

Cavernous closets 

Stepping inside J Balvin’s Colombian estate feels like teleporting to Japan. It’s filled with smooth wood paneling and 100-year-old bonsai trees in place of sculptures. The most color you’ll find is in the musician’s huge closet, which is stuffed with more sneakers than he can even count. Yes, even the most minimalist Taurus needs a massive closet to contain their most prized possessions. J Balvin’s closet size rivals Tan France’s, who dedicated not one but two floors of his house to all of his clothes! Taurus is as Taurus does. 

A big comfy couch 

Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad production office is far from your typical sterile office space. It’s filled with funky art and warm colors that give off the vibe of more play and less work. One of the shining stars of the space is an oversized vintage Steve Chase couch in a deep shade of red in the reception area. As a Taurus, Lena obviously knew how important it is to have a comfy couch to invite people into the office. Every Taurus needs a perfect couch—where else are they going to do all of their lounging? (It shouldn’t surprise you that the concept for Clever’s Seat Week was conceived by a Taurus.)

Malibu Barbiecore 

Barbie-inspired design has made a huge comeback and likely isn’t going anywhere in the lead-up to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film. Even though Barbie is technically a Pisces, she has a Taurus mindset, with tons of fun outfits and accessories, as demonstrated in her iconic Dreamhouse. Taurus Poppy Delevingne specifically cited Malibu Barbie as inspiration when designing the jungle-themed LA home that she shared with her little Leo sis, Cara Delevingne. Take this as a sign to dig out that old crate of Barbies from your parents’ garage and see what design inspiration is awakened from your fabulous (past) life in plastic. 

The view is better from the floor 

You’re more likely to find a Taurus closer to ground level than up high in the sky of a fancy penthouse. Taureans like to be grounded and stable, not on a rickety foundation. Behati Prinsloo really took this to heart inside her family’s one-level California ranch home, which features coffee tables and couches that are essentially directly on the floor. It’s an intriguing design choice that could easily be mimicked in your own home. If you’re not in the market for new furniture, invite in some playfulness and try having a cute indoor picnic on your floor—it could give you that rooted-down feeling that a Taurus so desperately craves. 

Rich colors in confined spaces

Being ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure, makes Taurus one of the most sensual astrological signs. They’re not opposed to the bright and airy, but you’re going to find some moody mystery in their home. Both Tan France and Kirsten Dunst embrace dark, rich shades of brown in their respective guest room and kitchen. Kirsten laments the rise of open-concept homes, claiming her love for rooms with actual doors. Lily doesn’t even have windows in her dusty pink bedroom, giving the space a womb-like feeling. Find an area of your home and turn it into your own private lair complete with drawn blackout curtains, your favorite dessert, and disappear for a little bit. 

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