Tai Bixby Takes The Lead In Contributing To New Mexico’s Commercial Real Estate Industry


New Mexico is experiencing a surge in its real estate market. Tai Bixby, a seasoned professional in the field, leverages his extensive knowledge and experience to help residential and commercial investors explore numerous opportunities and navigate the developing markets in the state.

Before delving into real estate in 2004, Bixby kickstarted his professional journey in material sciences. As the director of process development for a leading manufacturer of environmentally safe and sustainable cleaning products, he improved his skills in designing equipment for manufacturing glass and ceramic foam materials for use in abrasives, construction, hydroponics, and trickling filter media.

This passion for drafting led Bixby to support a landscape architect at a company specializing in sustainable land use planning for developments like housing projects and hotels. “I was really interested in sustainability at the time. I thought that a good career option would be to develop housing projects that were based on good design because I observed how good design led to better neighborhoods and a better quality of life for people who live in those neighborhoods. I understand that the construction industry is one of the biggest consumers of raw materials, and how we build houses and commercial buildings has a big impact on how much energy they use. So, I thought I wanted to get into the real estate development world,” he shares.

This was the turning point for Bixby, investing in a local housing project in Santa Fe. However, he hit a major setback during the economic downturn of 2008. The crash wiped out his investment in real estate, and no careful planning and securing contracts for a sizable housing development helped.

Determined never to repeat such a loss, he pursued his education in real estate investment. Bixby transitioned from residential to commercial real estate after realizing the latter was a niche where he could excel. He later earned his Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, which is only given to leading experts in commercial real estate.

Since then, Bixby has been recognized as a leading commercial broker in Santa Fe and New Mexico. His noteworthy transactions include deals like the 500 Market Station, a mixed-use project in Santa Fe rail yard, as well as 125 Lincoln/150 Washington, Santa Fe’s largest privately owned office complex. With over 18 years of experience in the field, Bixby boasts expertise in various services, including office, industrial, retail, and land sales/leasing, as well as other real estate advisory services.

He also excels in financial, market, and leasing analysis, offering insights to his clients in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque real estate markets. Now, Bixby focuses on his role as a senior broker at Real Estate Advisors (REA) and leading Tai Bixby & Associates, a team dedicated to delivering top-notch commercial real estate advisory, marketing, and brokerage services.

Numerous testimonials from satisfied clients attest to his position as a trusted advisor in the industry. The founder of a landscape and design company expresses her gratitude for Bixby’s assistance in purchasing a commercial property. She says, “With your professionalism, contacts, and knowledge of the industry this has been a great experience. I can’t imagine how this could have been done without your involvement. I congratulate your entire team for making me feel comfortable with this purchase.”

An attorney recommends Bixby as a “knowledgeable, ethical, and attentive professional,” saying, “He understands the market, and he makes it his business to keep up on all the myriad relationships, offerings, deals, and opportunities.” Other clients commend Bixby for his client-centric approach and ability to build meaningful relationships and deliver exceptional results for professionals across industries.

Meanwhile, when asked about his future outlook, Tai Bixby envisions supporting economic development in New Mexico by creating opportunities that will drive growth and prosperity. He eyes developing new housing and industrial projects to address the housing shortage and current lack of space for local businesses in Santa Fe. This vision illustrates the important aspects of life Bixby holds dear—work, family, and religion—which bring meaning and fulfillment to him.

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