Street Artist Tequila Collaborations


Tequila Avión has collaborated with artist Gustavo Zermeño Jr. for a limited-edition art piece showcased at the BEYOND THE STREETS and CONTROL Gallery’s UNDER PRESSURE exhibition until December 23. Gustavo Zermeño Jr., inspired by his visit to the Tequila Avión distillery, crafted an original artwork celebrating Southern Californian roots, Chicano culture, and vintage lowrider cars. The piece reflects the craftsmanship and slow-roasting process of Avión’s ultra-premium tequilas. About the collaboration, Gustavo Zermeño Jr. said: “I teamed up with Tequila Avión because we see eye to eye from an elevated vantage point.”

Limited-edition prints were available for purchase on BEYOND THE STREETS’ website. Through these prints, the artist embodied the essence of Los Angeles culture, while capturing the essence of Tequila Avión’s Reserva Range.

Image Credit: Tequila Avión

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