Squatters Trash $10M Hollywood Hills Mansion With Anti-Rich Graffiti


HOLLYWOOD, CA — An abandoned $10 million house in the Hollywood Hills has been overrun by squatters, who have filled the house with debris, feces and graffiti — including one tag that reads “f— rich people,” according to reports.

Police responded to the mansion located above the Sunset Strip Thursday after neighbors called to report hearing a woman screaming inside the house. Officers removed three people from the mansion, handcuffed them, and cited them for trespassing, KTLA reported.

KTLA photos show the enormous mansion in a decrepit state: Piles of tree branches and other debris fill a patio and appliances are stacked up in various areas. The photos show graffiti on walls and windows.

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The Los Angeles Police Department was unable to locate the owner of the property, and no complaint was filed to launch a criminal investigation, ABC 7 reported.

“It’s an abandoned house,” an LAPD officer told KTLA. “They’re just trespassing, squatting. The screaming was somebody, I think they got bit by a dog.”

Find out what’s happening in Hollywoodwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

But the three people said that’s not true. One of the women told KTLA she was hired to clean up the property and kick out any squatters to prepare the house for sale. However, that woman’s story was countered by a real estate agent who said none of the trio were authorized to be at the property.

Located at 1754 Sunset Plaza Drive, the 11,152 square-foot home is valued at around $10 million, according to estimates from Zillow. The website shows photos from a previous listing, revealing a home full of grandeur. Features include a grand ballroom, full-size theater, 100-foot-long pool and an outdoor kitchen.

The home in 2013 was listed as part of a bank foreclosure sale, according to Realtor.com

This is not the first time squatters have been a problem at the property: In January 2022, a SWAT team responded to the house after a report that a squatter who refused to leave was armed with a shotgun, KTLA reported.

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