Single women are a force in the housing market

Single women are a force in the housing market

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Women are making a big impact in the real estate market. Experts say single females represent the second largest pool of homebuyers second only to married couples. They are outpacing their single male counterparts. 

Jeanette Scheider, President of Remax of South Eastern Michigan says there are several key reasons single women are buying up hoes and outpacing their single male counterparts for home purchases. 

“When we look at single females, they often have life events that put them in a position to be looking to buy a home. That could be having a child. It could be getting divorced. It could be maybe there’s been A death of a spouse,” said Schneider. “There’s a variety of reasons that can bring women to that. Also, women tend to like to live close to family and friends, so that’s also a dynamic that we see come into play with that group.”

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