Shitoshi Kusama Has an Important Warning About Molding NFTs on Shiberium



SHIB developers and their community’s pseudonymous leader, Shitoshi Kusama, have warned SHIB users on Discord regarding the issuance of NFTs on Shiberium, which will become possible once the Layer 2 blockchain is launched on the mainnet.

Shiba Inu’s Official Marketing Specialist @LucieSHIB shared a screenshot of this conversation on her X App personal page.

“Dare and be careful”: SHIB Lead Developer

Shitoshi Kusama made a presence on Discord on Shiberium Tech and started a conversation with average users. One of them wrote that he was attracted to DeFi through Shiba Inu and asked the SHIB leader if instructions would be published on how to create NFTs through Shiberium.

Kusama told him that it depended on any platform Shiberium was based on – one should choose the best that suits him. However, Shiotoshi warns the user to be careful and do their own research (DYOR).

The whole thing felt like a mini AMA. The next question was whether Shiotoshi planned to burn any SHIBs before launching the Shiberium; Presumably, this will happen during the upcoming ETH Toronto event on August 15-16 in Canada, where SHIB will be a major sponsor and Shiotoshi Kusama will give a speech via AI.

Kusama Promises Three New “Partnerships”, War Declared on the X App

The day before that, the mysterious Shiba Inu leader left a message on the Shiba Inu channel of the same name on Telegram. He said there are three new “partnerships”. One of them has already been signed, and the Shiberium team will soon add some new experts to help it move towards global decentralization.

Two more will be announced in detail later. Kusama also took a dig at Elon Musk’s X app, which has been rebranded from Twitter, offering an “equation” for SHIB users: “SHIB > X.”

On Discord, he wrote that once Shiberium is launched, it will show the global crypto community that the Shiba Inu will always be bigger than X or any other coin.

However, recently, Elon Musk denied the rumors of X App launching a native cryptocurrency and said that it will never happen. In addition, Musk is a well-known lover of memes and meme cryptocurrency DOGE.

As reported by U.Today on Thursday, the SHIB team set up a “meme battle” to choose one final meme that would best demonstrate the Shiba Inu’s supremacy over the X app.


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