Shiseido Makes Debut At Miami Art Week With Its First Digital Art Collection


People flock from all over the globe to Miami Art Week, including plenty of beauty brands. But for Shiseido, their legacy of beauty is intertwined with art, as it’s written in their DNA. “Our connection with art started a long time ago—we always had it,” says Alessio Rossi, Executive Vice President US Marketing at Shiseido. “We were founded by a photographer who was also a chemist. He always put together the point of view of art and the point of view of science that together can create beauty. It was natural for us to continue that collaboration. We have a museum in Tokyo, Shiseido Gallery, where we have been supporting multiple emerging talents. We’ve always embraced the cutting edge of creativity. This museum now has almost 100 years of history; it was very avant-garde and a little bit against the rules. Looking at the next generation of artists working now in this new generative space, we saw a beautiful confirmation of our own story.”

“Future Reflections,” which is Shiseido’s very first generative art collection, will make its debut during Miami Art Week at NFT Now’s “The Gateway” event from December 6 to December 8. During the event, guests can explore the collection, which will be displayed on high-definition large screens, and mingle with the artists. The innovative project features the work of four artists: Hannah Yan, Jen Stark, Kaoru Tanaka and Robert Hodgin. “Each of them expressed their point of view,” Rossi says.

All of the artists looked to Shiseido’s dedication to art and science, particularly key ingredients in the Future Solution LX collection, including the Enmei herb, Akoya pearl shell extract and green silk. “I feel that traditional Japanese culture heavily influences Shiseido’s delicate and classic branding,” Tanaka says. “In the work I am presenting this time, I therefore aimed to express an unconventional concept by adding organic elements in the work while incorporating Japanese scenery and the four seasons.”

Each artist had their own muse. “My series entitled ‘Growth: Threads’ is all about exploring patterns created both by hand and by generative algorithms,” Hodgin says. “I created a custom space-filling growth simulation and styled it as if it were made of embroidery thread and stitching. The threads catch the light and shine with iridescence which helps make them stand out against the traditional Japanese fabric patterns used as a canvas. I was strongly inspired by my mom who is a Japanese textiles artist. She spends most days quilting or embroidering and this seemed like a great project to channel her creativity and work ethic. In this collection I was inspired by the intricate development of various seeds, and the material essence of the Legendary Enmei herb in the Shiseido’s Future Solution LX collection, as well as Japanese embroidery.”

The generative technology of “Future Reflections” is powered by Art Blocks Engine, and spans 1,872 unique generative artworks to celebrate that Shiseido was founded in 1872. “We are putting together this intersection of art, technology, culture and creativity,” Rossi says. “We thought bringing a physical touchpoint into a digital generative space was a good way to present the art and as a testament to our support for art, but in one of the most progressive fashions that is available to us today.”

A selection of 20 works will unlock a special promotion for Shiseido’s Future Solution LX best-selling products, such as the Shiseido Future Solution LX Legendary Enmei Ultimate Brilliance Eye Cream, which spotlights the brand’s proprietary Enmei herb extract to turn back the clock and served as a muse for Tanaka. “I incorporated the beautiful gradient colors of Akoya pearls, drawing inspiration from the soothing organic shapes found within the depths of the sea,” Tanaka says. “This artwork is a reflection of the tranquil beauty that resides beneath the waves. Working with Shiseido brought a unique dynamic to my creative process, prompting me to explore my artistic expression from a different angle and in collaboration. They offered a unique perspective rooted in their brand heritage, which was an exciting perspective in my process.”

In an effort to democratize art, people can collect pieces from “Future Reflections” at no cost on Shiseido’s dedicated website. “Art collectors will be able to choose a piece of art and put it into their digital wallet of choice,” Rossi says. “Hopefully this triggers a conversation, and this is what we really want to do. Art is beauty itself, as well as another expression of beauty.”

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