Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Investment, e-States Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on ChainRaise

MILWAUKEE, WI / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2023 / e-States, a Web3 platform democratizing the commercial real estate market, is raising a Seed Round through the crowdfunding site ChainRaise.

e-States, Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Press release picture

The momentum generated by this campaign will allow e-States to accelerate its goal of eliminating financial barriers to commercial real estate investment. At the same time, the effort is allowing e-States to dig in as it pioneers an emerging industry and transforms commercial real estate by bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to investors.

Overall, the ChainRaise crowdfunding endeavor will support additional development of the e-States platform. Specifically, the funding will allow the startup to introduce SaaS packages that fold finance tools and AI integration into fundraising efforts for real estate ventures; property management; and project management.

“We’re expanding our one-stop-shop for commercial real estate by focusing increased attention on the software side of things,” said e-States’ CEO and Co-Founder, Matthew Schneider. “At the same time, we’re mobilizing marketing strategies designed to attract property owners and investors.”

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Recognizing that empowered property sponsors are the key to eliminating financial barriers to the real estate market, e-States gives them the tools to better fundraise and manage their projects.

These include blockchain technology and AI to streamline administrative responsibilities and tokenize assets. Both solutions ease the managerial workload and encourage property owners to bring on additional investors.

Are certain properties up to code? How can a macroeconomic event causing a downturn in the market affect one’s stake in commercial real estate? How might increased vacancies affect your return on investment?

e-States, using AI, can make sense of this data and relay the information to investors in comprehensive reports. On the fractional level, the legal side of things, and even browsing properties, e-States pushes it all into a new dimension.

“You have unprecedented transparency,” Matthew said. “You can learn everything that you need to know about these private properties, and then make an informed decision. There’s new liquidity; being able to tokenize an asset or invest in a tokenized asset means you can easily transfer ownership because it’s being tracked by the blockchain instead of a team of attorneys. There’s security, there’s efficiency, there’s decreased costs because you’re not paying 10 people to do 10 different things.”

e-States, Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Press release picture

The e-States formula for success can be traced to Matthew’s co-founder, a commercial real estate investor of nearly a decade who repeatedly came up against the same problem. He was typically required to invest a minimum of $35,000 for every real estate deal he signed on to.

While commonplace, that amount is exclusionary and keeps many suitable investors from solid opportunities. So, rather than forcing investors to kick in a minimum amount of cash, e-States has launched a technological movement to unlock commercial real estate for the masses.

The e-States argument for a level playing field is simple.

For nearly a century, commercial real estate as an investment strategy has benefited the wealthy. So why shouldn’t everyone be positioned to take advantage of the many benefits of commercial real estate investment, including asset appreciation, passive income, tax benefits, and stability?

Once the dotted lines are signed, tokens are issued through the e-States marketplace and capital is transferred to a particular real estate investment.The tokens are digital certificates of ownership that offer liquidity, efficiency, automation, transparency and security.

e-States, Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Press release picture

The strength of the e-States strategy is underscored by the national attention that the startup has been receiving.

The Wisconsin division of NAIOP, a commercial real estate association, recently invited the e-States team to speak at an event they held on the use of blockchain in real estate.

Also, e-States unveiled a very basic form of its platform and was named a finalist in an elevator pitch competition hosted by HKSTP, the business incubator for technology and innovation. Next up for e-States is its official relaunch.

You can visit the offering page to learn more about their crowdfund raise.

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