Renowned Architect’s “Swan Song” on Market for Under $5M

image Describes the Four-Bedroom Home as a Crowning Achievement of Pierre Koenig (1925 to 2004)

The Schwartz House, a celebrated California modernist residence, has emerged on the market in Santa Monica, presenting a rare opportunity at $4.55 million, posted.

This four-bedroom masterpiece stands as a crowning achievement of Pierre Koenig (1925 to 2004), a revered architect renowned for his association with California modernism. Notably recognized for the iconic Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills, Koenig’s final creation while alive, the Schwartz House, echoes a departure from his conventional orthogonal designs.

Brian Linder, AIA, representing The Value of Architecture at Compass and the home’s listing agent, underscores Koenig’s late work, emphasizing the deviation from strict right angles seen in his previous renowned works, such as Case Study House #21 [The Bailey House] and Case Study House #22 [The Stahl House].

Spanning 2,380 square feet, the Schwartz House stands supported by four structural steel columns, rotated on a 30-degree axis away from these columns. This architectural shift maximizes exposure to southern sunlight and on-shore breezes, serving to optimize energy conservation. Completed in 1994, the residence exhibits a mastery of materials, harmoniously embracing its natural surroundings.

Linder accentuates the house’s celebration of structural steel, artfully minimizing its footprint on the site while seamlessly blending form and function. The residence exudes warmth and tranquility, highlighted by abundant natural light that creates a captivating ambiance. Floor-to-ceiling glass in the living room offers breathtaking views down Rustic Canyon toward the ocean, erasing the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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