Real estate experts helping first time homebuyers enter a competitive Baton Rouge market


BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Home ownership is often considered as the ‘American Dream’.

“Having a home really does set you up for the future,” said Jenna Griffin, a building consultant.

Griffin and her husband started the process of purchasing their first home over a year, but it’s been far from easy.

“I got outbid of a home maybe 7 times, and it was so discouraging that I just wanted to quit.”

That’s the reality for some people across the Baton Rouge area as they fight to buy a home amid a competitive and slim market.

To help make the process easier for first-time homebuyers, Manuel Builders hosted a free seminar on Tuesday, Aug. 8, to help people get started on the process.

“It can be a little bit scary because you’re talking about credit, income, debt, you got to go through all your paths because it’s on your credit report. So, it can be a little daunting of a task for some people, so we try to take it slowly and walk people through it,” said Corey Burgess, a loan officer at Central Mortgage.

Experts shared tips on sticking to your budget and what the process of buying a home will be like.

Here are a few of the other initial tips that were shared:

  • Location: choose a location based on your priorities
  • Size and layout: prioritize your current and future needs
  • Deceiving looks: inspect the home to find hidden problems
  • Budget: stay on a budget to avoid overspending
  • Future: think about the home’s future resale value

“Slow it down and have a talk with an experience lender and figure out what you can qualify for is the best starting point,” said Burgess.

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