Racist and homophobic graffiti to be removed from Glasgow’s Clyde Tunnel


‘Disgusting’ racist and homophobic graffiti is to be removed from Glasgow’s Clyde Tunnel following a huge number of complaints.

Clyde Tunnel has been plagued with graffiti and offensive slogans plastered across the walls.

In response, Glasgow City Council is closing the southbound path tunnel for cyclists and pedestrians from 9am today until 1pm tomorrow (May 10) so a team can clean up the vandalism.

One woman told Glasgow Live she had seen racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments staining the walls inside the tunnel as well as litter problems plaguing the area.

She said children were often exposed to the “disgusting” words which include “b***h, f*** you and c*** s*****”.

The 44-year-old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Over the years I have seen racist comments, homophobic comments, misogynistic comments and disgusting words not to mention the excrements and litter that I see in the tunnel.

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“When we moved to the new children’s hospital we were encouraged that walking through the tunnel would be safe but I do not feel safe walking through the tunnel.

“If something happened to you in that tunnel, nobody would hear your screams. I regularly walk with keys in my hands when I’m walking past anyone because I think anything could happen to me and nobody would know.

“It’s not a pleasant walk and it’s a shame because if it was manned appropriately and it was decorated in a fantastic way, it can be an okay place to walk.

She added: “When I see graffiti like that it makes me sad and disappointed. I’m sad to think what drove those people to write those things.”

While the work is being carried out on the southbound cycle path, the northbound will remain open.

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