Quivr Launches Digital Identity Badges as NFTs on Solana


Quivr, an innovative blockchain and AI-enabled data verification app, has revealed its foray into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Partnering with Solana, a leading blockchain platform known for its compression NFT technology, Quivr is embarking on a new era of authenticity, personal expression, and cost efficiency.

The intersection of blockchain and AI technology forms the core of Quivr’s approach, making data verification and authentication accessible and reliable. The introduction of NFTs on Solana’s blockchain is a strategic step that aligns with Quivr’s mission to offer a cost-effective, swift, and dependable blockchain solution for users, without compromising on the exclusive benefits and rewards they provide.

A Digital Showcase of Passions and Skills

Led by CEO & Co-Founder, Ray Lee, Quivr allows users to showcase and own their passions, credentials, skills and more, via unique digital trading cards known as “badges” which will now come in the form of NFTs.

From a Dog Lover badge to a Country Music Fan badge, Quivr offers an array of proprietary NFTs that reflect individual interests and identities.

The upcoming minting of these badges in October will mark a significant moment for Quivr users. Each NFT will serve as a “proof of passion,” empowering users to enhance their digital identities in a creative and personalized manner.

The Power of Solana’s Compression NFT Technology

By partnering with Solana, Quivr has harnessed the power of compression NFT technology, a hallmark feature of the Solana blockchain. This decision allows Quivr to scale its offerings on a reliable and cost-effective blockchain, demonstrating a commitment to keeping expenses manageable for its user base.

The cost analysis of minting 100,000 Solana NFTs using Solana’s Compression technology speaks volumes about the economic advantage. At approximately $103 for this massive minting endeavor, the financial contrast with Ethereum and Polygon is stark. Minting the same quantity on Ethereum would amount to a staggering $700,000, and on Polygon, it would cost around $1,800.

Quivr’s move to embrace Solana’s compression NFT technology underscores a dedication to providing a seamless and affordable experience for users, ultimately democratizing access to NFTs and enhancing digital identities.

The announcement today represents a significant stride forward in the realms of blockchain technology and digital identity expression.

The future of digital identity and personal expression has found a new home in the blockchain, with Quivr at the forefront of this transformative journey.

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