Queen Anne Christian Church covers graffiti scar with wildflower mural


Community members painted wildflowers and positive messages on the side of Queen Anne Christian Church to cover up the remnants of graffiti.

SEATTLE — Queen Anne Christian Church is turning vandalism into an empowering community effort that’s brightened up the block. 

Rev. Annie Grogan, who joined the church in January, led a group of church supporters and community members in the painting project they never intended to start but finished with gusto. 

Grogan said they discovered some graffiti on the side of the church where many pass by each day. 

“We have two preschools that share our space, and we want the kids to feel safe and supported so we knew we needed to address the vandalism and started with a pressure washer,” Grogan said.

The words were removed but the scar remained on the side of the building and that’s when Grogan decided to enlist church supporters. 

“I thought we could raise a few hundred dollars to buy paint and cover it up, but I couldn’t believe people stepped up in just a few days,” Grogan said.

Members of the church, neighborhood friends and complete strangers donated hundreds of dollars to buy supplies for what would become a community mural project. 

Jordan Bowles, who has been going to the church every Sunday with her family for more than 20 years, said she took great pride in participating in the painting party. 

“I was waiting with my mom and then some kids from the preschool jumped in and it’s so special to see their names, hand prints, even dog paw prints in the mural now,” Bowles said. 

The wall is now decorated with a mural depicting local wildflowers, pollinators and messages of encouragement. 

“This really is a reflection of the church and community we serve,” Grogan said.  

It’s also a continuation of the mission of the historic congregation. Queen Anne Christian Church was founded 120 years ago by a group of women who purchased a lot and established a church on Queen Anne hill in 1902. 

“We are carrying on that legacy of a group of women who wanted to care for the neighborhood,” Grogan said. 

Queen Anne Christian Church is an open and affirming congregation that is committed to openly welcoming and affirming persons of all gender expressions and sexual orientations. The church welcomes guests on Sundays in person or online.

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