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TL;DR: Pudgy Penguins is back with a new high-end collectible, “Left Facing,” based on the 1/1 Left Facing Pudgy Penguin #6873. This limited-edition physical and digital collectible aims to penetrate the traditional collector market and introduce Pudgy Penguins to a broader audience. With NTWRK and SASOM as strategic partners, are reaching new markets while preserving the core essence of the Huddle and its NFT vision. Don’t miss the drop on August 8th and 9th!

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! Today, they are excited to announce the highly-anticipated release of the “Left Facing” collectible, featuring the iconic 1/1 Left Facing Pudgy Penguin #6873. their mission is to be at the forefront of art, innovation, and technology in the NFT space, and this new drop is no exception.

Expanding the Pudgy Penguins IP

Their mission with these drops is to disrupt the traditional collector market with the powerful Pudgy Penguins IP. They believe that by invading this high-value market outside of Web3, they can introduce a new wave of collectors to the world of NFTs. As they aim to become the leading NFT website globally, they are committed to providing valuable content that helps their readers understand the intricacies of the NFT space.


Powerful Partnerships: To achieve their goal of reaching new audiences, they’ve strategically partnered with industry leaders NTWRK and SASOM. NTWRK, a leader in the online collectible market space, boasts millions of active users actively seeking the latest and most desirable drops. By collaborating with NTWRK, they gain access to a wider audience and build brand awareness outside of Web3.

Additionally, they’ve chosen SASOM, a Thai marketplace platform for collectibles and rare items, as another venue for their physical collectibles. Much like StockX, SASOM’s marketplace attracts collectors who appreciate high-end products, making it the perfect platform to expand their reach.

Growing the Huddle: They understand that expanding the Pudgy Penguins brand and IP is essential for creating a greater top-of-the-funnel effect for the NFTs that their community already cherishes. By penetrating new markets with their IP, they ensure sustainable growth without compromising the core collections or seeking external funding.

Becoming the Face of NFTs: they embrace the vision of mass adoption through curated products and experiences. Their focus on particular audiences has led to millions of impressions and billions of social media interactions, solidifying the appeal of Pudgy Penguins. Their partnerships with NTWRK and SASOM mark significant milestones in their journey to become the face of NFTs in the collectible market.

Drop Details: The “Left Facing” collectible is set to drop on two dates:

  1. NTWRK: Date: Tuesday, August 8th Time: 9:45 pm EST Link: https://thentwrk.com/product/957696 Live Stream: https://thentwrk.com/show/17649/
  2. SASOM (Asia Time – SGT): Date: Wednesday, August 9th Time: 9:45 am EST Link: https://sasom.co.th/en/collectibles/PGP-FGCPPOPB1/pudgy-penguins-

Join them for these exciting releases, and let’s continue their journey as the pioneers of NFT technology, blockchain innovation, and the art world! Stay tuned for more thrilling updates, and be excellent to each other.

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