Nucleus Hub and Museum of Graffiti: Pioneering a New Era of Artistic Creation at Art Basel, Wynwood


By Jon Stojan

MIAMI, FL – December 4, 2023 – In a groundbreaking collaboration, Nucleus Hub and the Museum of Graffiti are excited to announce a unique initiative at this year’s Art Basel in Wynwood. Nucleus Hub, a visionary co-creative space co-founded by Anthony Mendez and Daniel Odess, is setting up a dynamic content hub right at the Museum of Graffiti. This collaboration represents a fusion of art and technology, offering an unprecedented platform for artists, creators, influencers, and art collectors.

The Nucleus content hub, located in the Museum of Graffiti, is not just a facility but a catalyst for innovation and creativity. It is fully equipped to help creators produce high-quality podcasts, livestreams, shorts, and reels, all from the vibrant floor of the Museum. This setup provides a rare opportunity for participants to engage directly with the pulsating energy of Art Basel, capturing and sharing their experiences in real-time.

We urge all creatives, artists, influencers, and art collectors to be a part of this innovative experience. You can register and secure a slot to create and collaborate by visiting Nucleus’ website at This is more than just an opportunity to create content; it’s a chance to interact and work alongside some of the most sought-after artists and influencers in the art world.

This initiative underscores Nucleus Hub’s mission to break conventional barriers and foster a space that nurtures creativity, encourages collaboration, and accelerates growth. The Museum of Graffiti, known for its dedication to the history and evolution of graffiti art, provides the perfect backdrop for this innovative venture.

Join us at Art Basel in Wynwood from December 6th to 8th for this unique experience. Embrace the future of artistic collaboration and be a part of something truly revolutionary. Visit the Nucleus website today, register, and be ready to create and inspire at the Museum of Graffiti.

For more information, please visit Nucleus Hub at and Museum of Graffiti at

About Nucleus Hub:

Nucleus Hub, co-founded by Anthony Mendez and Daniel Odess, is a co-creative platform that integrates cutting-edge technology with human creativity. It aims to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs and creators work, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

About Museum of Graffiti:

The Museum of Graffiti, located in the heart of Wynwood, Miami, is a dedicated space celebrating the rich history, vibrant culture, and transformative influence of graffiti art. It showcases the evolution of the art form from its underground roots to a globally recognized artistic movement, featuring works from some of the most iconic graffiti artists from around the world. The museum not only exhibits exceptional art but also educates visitors on the powerful stories and diverse communities behind graffiti’s colorful history.

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