Northeastern Ontario artist flying high with where her work is displayed : My Kap-Hearst Now

The sky’s the limit for a Northeastern Ontario digital artist.

Candyce Rowlandson was born and raised in Iroquois Falls and now lives in Porcupine.

Her art has been exhibited all around the world. Two of her pieces were part of an exhibit launched by Turbo Space, a fledgling cryptocurrency company.

“And their theme is a little toad guy in a spacesuit,” says Rowlandson, “and so they wanted to do something to really launch and promote what they do. So they had this really neat idea of actually launching an art exhibit into the stratosphere.”

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The exhibit was in a balloon 34km above the earth for about an hour and a half, until the balloon popped.

Forty-nine-year-old Rowlandson says she’s been doing art since she was a kid. She put digital art aside while she had her own three kids, although she was still involved in graphic design and web design.

“One of my kids has gone off to university now; my kids are getting older, so it’s time to kind of rediscover my self and go back to my passions, so I re-embraced art.”

Below is audio of our entire interview.  Please note that Rowlandson misspoke when talking about how high the balloon went.

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