New leadership appointments at Carter Williamson Architects


Carter Williamson Architects announces a series of appointments to leadership positions in the studio.

Ben Peake is now a co-owner of the studio, as he steps into the role of principal with Shaun Carter, while Julie Niass and Nuala Collins join Julia English as directors of Carter Williamson.

Ben Peake – Principal

Recently honoured with the National Emerging Architect Award, Peake is a staunch advocate for gender equity and diversity, actively contributing to state and national Gender Equity Taskforce committees. As a founding member of Architects with Pride, he plays a pivotal role in promoting inclusivity within the architectural community. His participation in the Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship and the Dulux Study Tour underscores his commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Peake has also held an influential role in the SaveOurSirius campaign, dedicated to preserving Sydney’s iconic brutalist Sirius building.

“I’m honoured to be stepping into the role of principal at Carter Williamson Architects, a firm that I had admired from my early days as a graduate,” says Peake.

“From day one, working alongside Shaun has been a privilege. He has built a practice and a team that values design excellence, a client-focused approach, and a commitment to equity. This appointment is not just a professional milestone; it represents a decade of learning, growing, and contributing to a firm whose values echo my own. I’m excited to continue this journey, fostering an environment of creativity and collaboration, and steering our practice towards new heights,” he adds.

“Ben was a bright light from the moment I met him on a tour of one of our buildings. Within a week of him starting at Carter Williamson, it felt like he had been here forever,” says Carter.

“Carter Williamson has always been a values-based practice; one that opens doors to opportunity for those willing to grab them. Ben has grabbed it with both hands. He has been integral to all our significant projects, bringing a unique perspective and set of life experiences to the studio, making him a joy to work with and relate to. Our clients love Ben and he, in that Carter Williamson manner, loves them too. Most importantly, Ben brings impeccable skill and dedication to each project he touches and to the profession as a whole.”

“When I was president of the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, Ben was like my chief of staff. With SaveOurSirius, he once again led the fight from the front. They say in practice you become a principal years before you are officially recognised as a principal, so it feels wonderfully natural to finally officially share Carter Williamson with Ben. We work with a great team that makes every day a pleasure. The future of Carter Williamson is bright.”

Julie Niass – Design Director

“Julie is a beautiful soul. She came to Carter Williamson with talent and enthusiasm that has never left,” says Carter.

“Over the years Julie has become a trusted voice in the design process, the material choices and the realisation of joy in our work. It was a moment of clarity one day that we all realised that we needed Julie at the forefront of our design process, especially our interior architecture. With that moment she has blossomed to be the extraordinary creative force she is today. Insightful, gentle, warm, smart and passionate, Julie leads our interiors and helps develop our material choices. Julie’s leadership is critical to Carter Williamson. Recognising that as a design director is a natural assentation for Julie,” he adds.

Nuala Collins – Design Director

“There seems like nothing Nuala can’t do. From the moment we met Nuala we knew we had to work with her. Nuala brings a depth of knowledge and detailed understanding of projects to Carter Williamson. The more complexity, detail and constrained a project is, the more heavily we rely on Nuala’s leadership. She brings a dimension to practice that is fundamentally important,” says Carter.

“Nuala also brings a diversity of opinion and insight that broadens our thinking. She can see a project in a way that brings a depth and empathy that gives more to the process and the client. Nuala runs a tight ship and a proper detailed process that not only makes life easier for our clients, but the builder too.”

Image: Supplied

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