NAVARASA: A Taste Of Poetry From The Diaspora

India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

Shailaja Dixit, Narika
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India Currents Foundation will host an online poetry festival on May 19, 2023, to celebrate the work of a diverse group of poets. The festival is sponsored in conjunction with the India Currents Stop the Hate campaign.

Last year India Currents was one of the media outlets selected competitively by the State of California to be a torchbearer for its statewide Stop the Hate initiative. Our aim as a community-based publication is to use art and culture to form alliances, create culturally relevant narratives, and support messaging that amplifies and celebrates our diversity.

For NAVARASA, India Currents is partnering with Jyoti Bachani of the Poetry of Diaspora in Silicon Valley. Bachani drew inspiration for NAVARASA from the Nine-Rasas (flavors) – traditionally the dominant bhaav (emotions) in Indian arts – but used here as a metaphor for inclusiveness and diversity. 

The event will feature five poets from Silicon Valley alongside Bachani – Monica Korde, Navneet Galagali, Sandeep Kohli, and Vishal Vatnani. They will read from their work in languages ranging from Hindi, Urdu, and English, to Sanskrit, with impromptu translations offered in English.

Pragalbha Doshi,  of Poetry of Diaspora in Silicon Valley and founder of YogaSaar, will moderate.

The joy of poetry in community

Jyoti Bachani translates Hindi poems and founded the Poetry of Diaspora in Silicon Valley incubator for poetry lovers in the community. 

Monica Korde who writes in English, is the Poet Laureate of Belmont (CA) and founder of the community-wide program and her laureate initiative, Project POETRY 360.

Navneet Galagali is a Silicon Valley software engineer with a fascination for Sanskrit poetry that is at least three generations deep.

Sandeep Kohli, an engineer, writes Urdu poems about romance, philosophy, politics and life. He has been published in anthologies by the Cupertino Poet Laureate and Poetry of Diaspora in Silicon Valley, and on Facebook @shayarsundeep.

Vishal Vatnani who writes in English, is a poet and a data analytics professional from Silicon Valley.

Calling all poetry lovers and the poetry curious! Come meet the bridge builders!

Join us at NAVARASA to enjoy a taste of poetry.  


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