NAUSS hosts 6th international forensic sciences conference


RIYADH: The 6th International Conference on Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine 2023 began on Tuesday at the headquarters of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in Riyadh.

The three-day event will be attended by about 700 specialists and experts in forensic sciences, forensic medicine and criminology from the Arab Society for Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine, the Arab region, Pakistan, US, UK, Australia, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Serbia and Brazil, among other international organizations.

Prof. Tariq Al-Rayes, vice president of NAUSS, said that the university took due care of forensic sciences and its laboratories given the role these play in achieving criminal justice and crime detection.

He said that the conference was held with the participation of a large number of experts from Arab countries and from around the world. It is considered an important event in forensic medicine as it keeps experts updated on the newest discoveries in this vital field.

Al-Rayes said that the university was seeking to enhance cooperation and exchange ideas and expertise during the conference.

A worldwide distinguished scientific body of experts was attracted to this event.

An accompanying exhibition was organized in which several leading companies in the fields of forensic sciences and forensic medicine participated to introduce scientific and security institutions and bodies to their products.

Al-Rayes said that the university was interested in applied training aimed at enhancing the performance of those working in the field of forensic investigation in general and those working in forensic laboratories in particular.

Based on that interest, the university launched numerous academic forensic sciences programs, while its laboratories underwent constant development to keep pace with the latest developments and technologies.

The university also established several centers of excellence to serve the comprehensive concept of security, which constituted a scientific addition that meets the aspirations of Arab families in security-related fields.

Professor Michael Thali, chair of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, stressed in his address the importance of the conference and its role in promoting communication among specialists in forensic medicine.

“The outcomes of previous conferences have positively contributed to the development of a number of areas in the field of forensic sciences and provided the participants with the latest developments related to their fields of specialization,” he said.

The conference will discuss scientific papers focused on several topics, namely forensic genetic tracks, forensic toxicology and chemistry, cybercrimes, digital forensics, forensic medicine, pathology, forgery and counterfeiting, crime scenes, forensic naturalism, anthropology, criminal law as well as crises and disasters.

The conference will also feature several specialized workshops.

NAUSS issued more than 53 publications that discussed forensic sciences and forensic medicine in Arabic and English, which have become main references for researchers and enriched the Arab library specialized in this field.


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