MOZA Held a Press Conference in Silicon Valley, Neck Massager Has Advanced to 3.0 Era


On March 24th, 2023, MOZA Technology, a Chinese-American collaboration technology brand, organized a product launch event in Silicon Valley, USA, and simultaneously launched it online in China. The event was themed “BACK TO LIFE,” and during the launch, MOZA introduced their latest flagship product, a revolutionary neck massage device that integrates the concepts of “meditation” and “technology” to redefine the concept of massage. This launch marks the official arrival of the neck massage device in the 3.0 era, and the product manager of “MOZA” introduced the development story behind this new product.

Redefining the neck massager, the neck massager entered into the 3.0 era

The product manager highlighted the limitations of previous neck massagers, such as the large volume and weight of 1.0 era massagers, and the strong sense of burden and risk of bacterial growth in 2.0 era neck pillow massagers. To overcome these limitations, MOZA has released a new product that redefines the neck massager by using stainless steel and German LFBG-certified anti-allergic silicone to penetrate deep into the body surface, reach the fascial layer, and knead muscle shuttle to achieve the effect of rejuvenating muscle relaxation.

Massage, mindfulness, and Yoga have become a way of life to relieve stress and relax 

Additionally, MOZA conducted street interviews with participants from various countries in San Francisco to discuss their coping strategies for life pressure. The findings revealed an increasing number of individuals turning to yoga, meditation, and massage to relieve stress and unwind. Massage helps eliminate tension and fatigue, improves blood flow throughout the body, regulates mood, and promotes happiness. Combining the benefits of both yoga and meditation, massage provides relaxation to the body and peace to the mind.

Overall, MOZA’s new neck massage device represents a significant advancement in the field of neck massagers, and it offers a practical and effective solution to muscle relaxation and rejuvenation. MOZA found that people are increasingly turning to yoga, meditation, and massage to reduce stress and unwind, according to street interviews conducted in San Francisco. Massage provides muscle relaxation, alleviating tension and fatigue, while improving blood flow and mood.

About MOZA:

MOZA Technology is a new enterprise that aims to deliver state-of-the-art scientific solutions for disease recovery, functional restoration, and emotional healing. Its focus is on personal health technology, with a mission to enhance the quality of life and health through science and technology. MOZA’s team comprises experts with backgrounds in medical and scientific research, ensuring it is well-equipped to provide cutting-edge solutions. The company also emphasizes the intricate relationships between the physical body, psychological mind, and spiritual essence. Recently, MOZA conducted street interviews in San Francisco, which revealed an increasing number of individuals turning to yoga, meditation, and massage to relieve stress and unwind.

Source: MOZA

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