Melora Hardin’s Home Is a Treasure Trove of Wallpaper and Coronation Heirlooms


What is the newest thing in your house?

Oh, the newest thing? Probably the Scotch & Soda green suit that I just bought yesterday.

Do you have a room or area that serves an unusual purpose?

Yeah, I do. In our garage my husband made me a wrapping station because I enjoy wrapping gifts so much. And again, my love of paper. I have a very special wrapping station, it’s in the garage in the corner. It has a chair and it has shelves with big bins that have all my ribbons beautifully organized, all my papers organized, all my tissue organized, all my gift bags organized.

Your house sounds like a treasure trove.

It’s a messy treasure trove, but it is definitely a treasure trove.

That’s the best part. You have to pick through it to find the stuff.

Thing is, I do know where everything is. It’s just that sometimes when we’re going to have a party or something, we call it a hurricane, a family hurricane: “Everybody go and clean up these little piles that are here and there and everywhere.”

I feel like collaging really lends itself to that lifestyle too, of when you find a little thing somewhere that you like, “I’m going to use this at some point, this little scrap of paper.”

Oh, my gosh, yes. I’m picking up things all the time. If I walk into a restaurant and there’s a pamphlet, if there’s something floating down the street. I picked up a beautiful little eagle feather, I think, because it’s a spotted feather. I just put it in between the fingers of one of my hands in the hand collection, but I’m thinking I’m going to put it in a collage at some point. It’s so beautiful. I pick up things all the time.

What would you change about your home if you could only choose one thing?

Oh, my primary bathroom. Oh, I hate it. I hate it so much. And I’ve hated it since we bought the house; I know exactly what I want to do. We just always choose other things, and to really, really redo a bathroom, it costs a lot of money. And I just don’t want to do it half-ass. So we just left it, like, yucky. It’s just so bad. I can’t stand it.

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