Megadeth Digital NFTs to Thrash Metal Fandom

The iconic metal band Megadeth is thrashing into the digital age yet again following much anticipation on December 22, debuting its exclusive NFT collection dubbed “Megadeth Digital” — a rebranded version of “Rattleheads“.

Still taking inspiration from Vic Rattlehead, these revamped collectibles will feature virtual renditions of the band’s famed mascot. Additionally, each asset will offer digital and physical rewards, spanning from exclusive merchandise and rare tracks to VIP experiences like virtual and real-world interactions with the rock legends themselves.

Heavy Metal’s Expanding Influence in the Web3 Realm 

Megadeth’s stance in the blockchain-centric world follows a trend in the thrash metal community, where heavy bands are no strangers to increasingly exploring blockchain technologies. 

Avenged Sevenfold is a prime example, having launched “Deathbats Club NFTs” in partnership with Ticket Master to open exclusive concert access. Last year, these same virtual assets also opened the gates to an intriguing Halloween event

The frontman of Avenged Sevenfold, M. Shadows — an advocate of Web3 technologies — guided his band into the NFT landscape. He frequently speaks up about the role blockchain technology can play in enhancing artistic projects far beyond proof of ownership. Consequently, as a show of support, he publicly congratulated Megadeth on their new NFT venture just days ago: 

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