Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s home bar is so chic – here are his tips for recreating the look in your own home

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a household name in the world of home decor. He has designed homes for some of the world’s most famous people including Kylie Jenner, Cher, and Tommy Hilfiger, and appeared on Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators. 

Most recently, Martyn took to Instagram to show off his brilliant home bar ideas and share his top tips for creating a bar space in your own home.

The video shows Martyn behind the bar. Cubed and mirrored shelves behind him hold rows of alcohol in beautiful decorative bottles. The bar countertop idea has a reflective, white marble surface with a gold edge to add a touch of glamor. The front of the bar has decorative cutouts with dramatic burgundy velvet barstools in front. Stylish gold candlesticks line the bar, offering an old-world feel. Whether you have a massive bar room or a small home bar, we love Martyn’s inspiration and advice. 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard states: ‘The home bar. It’s a very important room in my house, for sure, because I love to entertain.’ He continues, ‘I’m lucky enough to have a sexy bar room in my house that has become a favorite hang-out with my friends and family.’ It’s clear that in Martyn’s space, this room becomes a stylish heart to the home.

On decorating the bar, Martyn says, ‘I love to put a bar together. I think all of the incredible bottles are so fun they kind of become decorative in themselves.’ His number one tip for organizing a bar (or organizing a bar cart!) is: ‘I like to group stuff together by taste, by flavor. I like to put the gins together, the vodkas together, the mixers, the whiskeys.’

If this matchy-matchy look isn’t for you, Martyn continues, ‘But I also love the idea of collecting interesting bottles, and interesting alcohol everywhere you go. Whether it’s a little lillet from France or I just got a great gin from  King Charles‘s Highgrove in England. It’s so fun that it adds a little spice and excitement to the bar.’

Beyond the alcohol, there are other design choices that need to be made in a home bar, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard has them all down pat. He says, ‘I also really enjoy decorating the spaces. In here I’ve put my Cole & Son wallpaper. And just for a little bit of personality, I’ve got great photos of all sorts of people from the Queen of England to Mick Jagger, to Frank Sinatra, drinking.’

He smiles, holding up a drink. ‘And on that note… nothing like a little homemade cocktail to end the day. Cheers you guys,’ Martyn says. 

From basement bar ideas to bar cart ideas, Martyn Lawrence Bullard has all of the answers.

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