Man walks slackline atop downtown Los Angeles graffiti skyscrapers


A man was seen scaling a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper, a site that has been vacant for several years and has attracted graffiti artists who have tagged over 25 stories. A video from YouTuber Ben Schneider shows the man climbing atop Oceanwide Plaza and walking across a slackline that was attached between the two towers.

Schneider, a self-proclaimed performance artist and daredevil, posts videos under the YouTube handle “Reckless Ben” and has amassed over 350,000 subscribers.

Inside the building, he and his team members climbed 500 feet up the tower to string together multiple times to string together and tighten two one-inch nylon straps between the two towers. While holding a camera attached to a selfie stick, Schneider carefully mounts the line and begins walking across the rope, his camera capturing the soaring viewpoint and moving traffic down below.

KTLA’s Rick Chambers reports on May 17, 2024.

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