LSW Architects announces new additions

LSW is has announced two new additions to LSW Architects’ core design team: Scott Waggoner will be joining as Senior Architectural Designer and Brockett as Senior Architect for the firm, bolstering an expanding studio focused on design innovation and impact.


With his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to the field of architecture, Scott brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the team. Throughout his career, Scott has consistently demonstrated his ability to create architectural marvels that stand the test of time, boasting a diverse portfolio ranging from modern urban skyscrapers to charming rural retreats, each with its own unique narrative.

With nearly four decades of design experience, Scott’s architectural career has provided him with opportunities to contribute significant design expertise and leadership to both public and private sector clients. Early in his career, Scott primarily supported institutional architectural design, where storytelling fueled the design of various public projects ranging from schools, libraries, and museums, earning him an AIA Honor Award. With this focus, Scott supported a diverse range of clients, including the Portland International Airport and the National Park Service. More recently, Scott has led and provided design support on an array of privately developed projects including multifamily and mixed-use housing, closely collaborating with developers to create multiple projects that have enhanced neighborhoods and communities across the Pacific Northwest. His passion for urban infill and high-rise design led him to design Park Fifth, a 24-story tower in Los Angeles. His journey has also included theater design, adding a captivating dimension to his already diverse portfolio of community defining projects.

As Senior Architectural Designer, Scott’s role can be best described as a “translation” of complex client needs and site constraints into elegant, affordable, and refined design solutions. His dedication to crafting not just buildings but narratives, sets him apart in the field of architecture and will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of LSW and continuing our tradition of excellence in architectural design.

“I’m excited to join LSW’s efforts in advancing Vancouver and beyond. I believe in client-focused, site-influenced design, and I’m glad to see that commitment here.”


Brockett Davidson
Brockett Davidson

Brockett Davidson brings two decades of architectural experience, specializing in multifamily, mixed-use, and urban design. As a meticulous and dedicated leader, he thrives in an environment where strong, thoughtful, and meticulously detailed work sets the standard. Brockett’s extensive expertise has been honed through his tenure at various firms in Austin, TX, dating back to 1998. His journey began as an intern after high school, and he continued to work in the field during breaks and even took a year off while attending architecture school. Although his focus has been architecture, Brockett also possesses valuable construction experience, having spent three years as a designer at an Experiential Graphic Design Firm.

Throughout his career, Brockett has built a diversified portfolio and developed a unique and competitive design skillset through his work at various firms across the US, taking on a wide range of projects spanning different scales and complexities from domestic urban environments to expanding international hubs like Dubai. These projects have included everything from humble ADA retrofits for Jack-in-the-Box restaurants to multimillion-dollar custom residential homes and high rises. He provided design leadership on projects ranging from smaller four-plex remodels to towering 30-story high-rises. Brockett has also contributed his expertise to large suburban strip retail projects and crafted unique restaurant designs, demonstrating his versatility and proficiency in the field of architecture.

Brockett’s role as Senior Architect at LSW Architects reinforces the firm’s commitment to delivering world class design quality and pushing the boundaries of architecture.

“I’m excited to embark on a journey towards becoming a housing expert and contributing to the firm’s growth by expanding our portfolio to encompass a growing number of high-rise projects in key urban areas. One day I hope to have the opportunity to leave my mark on the skylines of cities like Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, or others in this region!”

LSW Architects offers a full range of architectural, interior design, and planning services. LSW has extensive experience in new construction, renovation, feasibility studies, and comprehensive planning for private and public projects in the educational, recreational, multifamily housing, and office sectors.

About LSW Architects, PC: Founded in 1955, LSW employs 40 professionals serving clients in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana. With offices in Vancouver, Washington and Bigfork, Montana, the firm maintains a team of architects, planners, and designers offering expertise in new construction, renovation, feasibility studies, and master planning for private and public projects in the educational, recreational, multi-family housing, and office sectors. LSW Architects is a firm dedicated to building active, inspired communities through innovative design solutions and ideas.


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