LIVERMORE — Alameda County prosecutors have charged a 19-year-old Livermore man with a felony, as part of a back-and-forth tagging battle between rival gangs, court records show.

The suspect was charged with a single count of felony vandalism for allegedly spray painting a Leahy Square apartment building in June. The teen was known to police as a suspected member of a Northern California-based gang, authorities said.

According to police, rival gangs that operate around Leahy Square had been tagging over each other on the same apartment building. Video surveillance showed the teen spray painting over a rival gang tag while several others kept watch.

Police say the teen stared straight into a surveillance camera, making it easy to identify him. Livermore police know him from prior contacts in unrelated gang investigations, authorities said.

The teen was arrested on July 20, but has since been released from jail. He pleaded not guilty on Aug. 4, court records show.

Though police identified the graffiti as gang-related, the teen faces no enhancements alleging the crime was committed to benefit a gang.