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Gurgaon: The architects, who have been empowered to issue occupation certificates (OCs) to residential buildings under self-certification scheme, have demanded that a time limit of seven days be fixed for their responsibility after granting the certificates.
They further stated that if there is any change or violation of rules in the buildings after seven days, then the property owners should be held responsible. The issues were raised by members of Architects Association of Gurgaon during a meeting with the district town planner and other officials of DTCP, which was called to discuss the problems being faced by architects in issuing OCs under self-certification scheme.
The association members also demanded standard operating procedures (SOP) to check the finishing work of buildings before granting the OC. “We are facing several problems during and after issuing OCs to residential properties. We have requested the DTP to fix seven working days as the maximum duration for responsibility of architects for any residential properties which have been issued OC,” said an architect and added that often the property owners carry out additional construction after getting OC but architects are held responsible for the violations, the department should check the buildings within seven days of issuing of OC.
After issuing of OC, the architects submit the file to the DTP planning office but the architect does not receive any intimation of accepting the OC. Therefore, the list of accepted OCs sent by the DTP planning office to the tehsildar every 10 days should also be shared with the architect so that the building owners can be confirmed regarding the OC.
President of the association Navish Sharma urged the DTP that the files of the architects to whom show cause notices have been issued in the last few months are not being accepted. In such a situation, it was also requested to take a decision on those notices as soon as possible, he added.
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