Leaders of Influence: Commercial Real Estate Brokers 2023 – Karine Aslanian – Los Angeles Business Journal

Broker; Commercial Advisor
The Agency

In the dynamic realm of commercial real estate, Karine Aslanian has navigated the tumultuous waters with a distinct blend of precision, innovation and a keen eye for value-addition opportunities. Spearheading nominal transactions has been one of her foremost achievements. Her involvement has not only been about brokering deals but also instilling each transaction with a robust strategy, meticulous planning and a comprehensive understanding of market nuances.

Aslanian’s approach transcends conventional paradigms. At the core of her guidance lies a personal touch — treating each investor’s funds and ventures with the utmost diligence, akin to managing her investments. She embodies a guardian’s ethos, ensuring that each investment is strategically positioned for growth, sustainability and resilience against market volatilities. A pivotal aspect that elevates her career is the intrinsic ability to unearth and actualize value in each transaction.

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