Last Remains announced its first 5,000 Genesis Character NFT sale on May 16, 2023, with packs starting at 80 MATIC. Last Remains is a highly competitive, graphic and immersive Web3 game poised to launch in December 2023, starting with monthly playtests this coming July for Character NFT holders.

Last Remains is a 30-to-50 player, zombie-infested battle royale requiring stealth to navigate the map while finding food and water to survive. Players can find over 300 unique equipment and weapon NFT skins of various types, rarities and attributes, which can be extracted and traded on blockchain marketplaces or used in future game sessions.

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Owners of a Character NFT from the free mint in April or a Genesis Character NFT will have early access to Last Remains in July 2023. Genesis Characters give players lifetime access to all games built within the Last Remains IP ecosystem, including its Stake, Search and Rescue on-chain, text-based, offline battler game in July 2023. While Character NFTs are limited to a 60-day season pass, Genesis Characters serve as lifetime passes with access to unlimited seasons. All the perks about these NFTs can be found on the Last Remains minting page.

Three Genesis Character NFT packs will be available for purchase on the Rocket Launcher: Standard, Pro and Elite Packs priced at 80, 120, and 300 MATIC, respectively. Each pack comes with extra perks such as guaranteeing eight random Genesis equipment NFTs in the July 2023 sale or an ultra-limited-edition Perfect Equipment Mint Pass, which users can use to deck out their favorite characters with its unique themed gear like the ones below. Earn Alliance provides an easy way to mint NFTs with either a credit card or MATIC on the Polygon network.

In-game equipment skins. Source: Last Remains

In-game equipment skins. Source: Last Remains

Genesis Characters will have a limited supply of 5,000 NFTs on May 16, with another sale of the remaining 5,000 NFTs later this year. The odds for getting rare S- and A-grade characters are significantly higher than the previous free Character mint on April 27, 2023, which sold out in 10 minutes. As of today, S-grade characters are being traded on secondary markets for almost 300 MATIC.

Last Remains is one of the most anticipated AAA games this year, the team behind the game is made up of game and blockchain experts as well as advisors hailing from companies such as Blizzard, Riot Games, Zynga, Junglee Games, Binance, Huobi, Bethesda, Tencent and Sandbox VR. They are managing all game operations, tokenomics and marketing. Some of the many partners also include Fractal, Avocado DAO, GGG, IndiGG, Owned, ReadyPlayerDao, Elixir Games, The Juice Team, Bored Box, and more. You can also find Last Remains on Fractal’s Launcher!


Last Remains aims to revolutionize the way competitive players are rewarded by games. Traditionally, large sums between $100,000 to $40 million dollars of game revenue and sponsorships are allocated as tournament esports prize pools. The ethos of Web3 projects is focused on communities and ownership. To galvanize the Web3 community’s engagement with esports, the team has devoted a staggering 50% of all net profit from Last Remains to competitive prize pools.

For further information, the team can be contacted via email.

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