King Xerox: Breaking Boundaries in Art and NFTs


King Xerox, known for his work in the comic book industry, has recently made waves in the world of NFTs. With a background in architecture and over two decades of experience in traditional mediums, he has now transitioned to digital art on the Ethereum blockchain.

His artistry began with acrylic paintings, which he showcased in solo exhibitions, receiving praise for his unique style and expressive use of color. However, it was a conversation with a crypto-savvy friend that introduced him to the world of NFTs. Intrigued by the concept of reaching collectors directly and the revolutionary idea of digital identity verification for artworks, he began minting on platforms like Tezos and

King Xerox’s early NFTs were rooted in his comic book tradition, utilizing glitch art to capture the essence of the Web3 era. He describes his pieces as paused frames of a VHS cassette, incorporating deliberate noise and glitches. His creative process is deeply introspective, finding inspiration in unexpected moments such as movies, books, or anecdotes from his son.

The transition to the Ethereum blockchain expanded his horizons and caught the attention of notable collectors. His art now reflects web3 culture and the crypto zeitgeist, serving as entries in a “web3 journal” that documents the evolving story of this new digital frontier.

King Xerox’s artistic journey is a testament to the timeless nature of storytelling, showcasing how narratives can find their audience regardless of the medium. His artworks, considered part of the glitch art genre, focus on translating ideas into simple and understandable forms. He aims to create visuals resembling a paused frame of a VHS cassette, utilizing noise and glitches to enhance the Web3 narratives he conveys.

His process involves searching for the right idea, often sparked by unexpected moments of inspiration. After creating sketches and gathering feedback from trusted friends and collectors, he finalizes his artworks using Photoshop and Procreate.

King Xerox’s embrace of NFTs showcases his willingness to break boundaries and explore new artistic realms. His journey exemplifies the transformative power of digital art and its ability to connect with collectors directly, without intermediaries.

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