Kim Kardashian roasted for ‘hilariously tacky’ Christmas decorations in $60 million home

Kim Kardashian proved in a TikTok video that she’s been getting into the Christmas spirit, but viewers aren’t sure about the decorations she’s used to do so.

With an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion, it’s safe to say Kim K can afford some pretty good Christmas decorations.


To be honest she could afford to have her very own Santa Claus climb down the chimney and deliver presents to her family if she wanted to – though that would be a little extra, even for her.

Instead, Kardashian has gone for the more common decoration of a Christmas tree – but not just one Christmas tree.

Instead, it looks like Kardashian has gone for the whole farm.

In a series of videos posted on the TikTok account she shares with her daughter, North, Kim showed off an entire corridor of snow-covered Christmas trees, lining pathways through her $60 million home in Hidden Hills, California.

More trees could be seen in other rooms in the home, with North dancing in front of one tall tree covered in pink decorations, as well as a couple of smaller trees dressed in silver.

Kim has an array of trees in her home decorated in a range of ways. Credit: TikTok/@kimandnorth
Kim has an array of trees in her home decorated in a range of ways. Credit: TikTok/@kimandnorth

Elsewhere, one white tree was covered in golden lights while another was decorated with black-and-white accessories, some of which featured the Chanel logo.

The decorations might not look too out of a place in a home or Christmas store, but when they’re all packed into one home, it can be quite a lot to comprehend.

Internet users have questioned – to put it nicely – Kardashian’s decorating choices after she shared the clips on TikTok, after which a screenshot of her tree-lined hallway was reposted to Reddit.

Viewers didn’t hold back, as one person wrote: “There’s a difference between “less is more”, and insane asylum.”

“This is hilariously tacky,” added another, while a third wrote that it ‘looks like a cluttered mess’.

One of Kardashian's trees was decorated with Chanel accessories. Credit: TikTok/@kimandnorth
One of Kardashian’s trees was decorated with Chanel accessories. Credit: TikTok/@kimandnorth

Another even claimed the trees looked as though they’d been ‘thrown up on’.

That’s not what you want to hear about your Christmas decorations, is it?

I’m sure there are some people out there who enjoy Kardashian’s decorating choices, and in fact might even wish they had that many trees in their own homes, but since she’s turned off comments on the TikTok account, we might never know for sure.

Either way, Kardashian is obviously happy with going all-out for Christmas, as she proved when she shared a sneak peak at the outside of her home last month.

In the clip, the mom showed off even more trees, all of which were wrapped in white lights.

While it might only be beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere else, there’s no escaping the fact that the season has well and truly arrived at Kardashian’s house.

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