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Exciting news for all Cool Cats fans! Cool Cats has just introduced a brand new collection of NFTs called Shadow Wolves, expanding the dynamic gameplay and competitive experiences in the Cool Cats ecosystem. Get ready to join the pack and explore a world of unique journeys and exclusive items that only Shadow Wolves holders will have access to.

Burn your Fractures at to mint your Wolves. Mint ends 5.19.23 at 3PM ET

Shadow Wolves are classified as ‘Super Cool’ members, a membership NFT like Cool Pets.

There will be unique Journeys and exclusive items for Shadow Wolves holders to enjoy.

Shadow Wolves are free to mint by burning a Cool Cats Fracture, and the minting period runs from April 20 to May 19.

But wait, why does this matter? The introduction of Shadow Wolves NFTs marks another chapter in the growing IP of the Cool Cats brand, and the recent equity swap with Futureverse will offer even more fun and engaging ways to participate in the Cool Cats ecosystem.

Are you ready to join the pack? Fracture holders can mint their Shadow Wolves NFTs today and get early access to special drops, releases, exclusive merchandise, real-life events, partnership perks, and more. The wolves are watching… the wolves are watching… the wolves are watching…

So, what are Shadow Wolves? Shadow Wolves are the newest PFP collection in the Cool Cats ecosystem, with a maximum collection size of 11,575. They bring new game-playing dynamics and healthy competition to the Cool Cats community. Each tier of Shadow Wolves will be organized similar to the Cool Cats Collection tier system, with familiar levels ranging from Shadow 1 to Chaos 2. Your Cool Score will also influence tier prioritization, so keep participating in Journeys to level up!

Overall, Shadow Wolves are considered membership NFTs in the Cool Cats ecosystem, and they fit into the ‘Super Cool’ tier alongside Cool Pets. Shadow Wolves holders will have early access to special drops and releases, exclusive merch, IRL events, and partnership perks, among other benefits. Get ready to join the pack and explore the exciting world of Shadow Wolves!

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