Irishman accused of wave of antisemitic graffiti flees Florida


Liam Mackin (70) flew out of Florida on Tuesday on a one-way ticket, police have claimed

Photo of suspect released by Florida police

Photographs of the graffiti in Florida

Photographs released of the graffiti in Florida

Niall Donald

An Irish citizen suspected of spray painting antisemitic messages on Jewish-owned businesses in Florida has fled to Ireland, US cops have claimed.

Liam Mackin (70), described as an Irish national who has lived in the US for 30 years, flew out of Florida on Tuesday on a one-way ticket, police have claimed.

Pensioner Mackin had been accused of being behind a wave of antisemitic messages sprayed onto a number of businesses in the Flagler Beach area of Florida.

Police claimed a total of six businesses were vandalized, and the businesses were owned by Israeli nationals or people of Jewish heritage.

This week, Circuit Judge Christopher France signed a nationwide arrest warrant on a charge of criminal mischief $1,000 or more, evidencing prejudice while committing offense.

Photographs of the graffiti in Florida

In a statement issued yesterday, Flagler Beach Police Chief Matt Doughney said Mackin will be arrested if he returns to the United States.

The police chief has claimed Mackin spray-painted a series of messages including: “Jew Murder,” “290,000 child killers,” “500,000 Jew child killer” and “501,110 Jew child murderer.”

Chief Doughney also claimed Mackin put his Flagler Beach house up for sale within a few days of police posting his image from security cameras on Facebook.

Doughney said the Irishman will be arrested if he flies into Florida.

Photographs released of the graffiti in Florida

“There are many beautiful shades of green in Ireland, and if he has the courage to return, I’d love for him to see the Flagler County Inmate Facility; better known as the Green Roof Inn.

“Should Mr. Mackin decide to live the rest of his life in Ireland, without returning to the United States, our community will be a safer place and I feel sorry for the people of Ireland.

“This message is specifically directed to Mr. Mackin, should he happen to see this news release on social media; Happy Hanukkah!”

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