‘I have seen a lot of graffiti, but I have never seen anything this awful’


Laurel Mayor Dave Waggoner was so disgusted when he saw hate words and obscenities directed at young girls and women early Saturday in the women’s restroom at Thomson Park, he vowed to find the culprit. The city of Laurel is offering a cash reward for information leading to the identification of the vandal.

The spray-painted messages were so obscene and graphic, Waggoner had the bathroom closed until repairs and cleanup can be completed. The vandal spray painted everything in the bathroom, including the toilet and the mirror. The toilet seat cannot be cleaned and will need to be replaced. City crews are working to clean the mirror and paint the bathroom walls. The city of Laurel has rented a porta-potty for use until the bathroom can be cleaned. With repairs and the rental charge, the cost is over $2,000, which could make the crime a felony.

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