Huber hosts 45th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit


The awards ceremony for the 45th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit was held from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Saturday in Huber Art Center’s Kauffman Gallery. The award ceremony began at 1:30.

The exhibit displayed 72 selected artistic creations made by 28 different artists. These works were selected from a received list of 147 by two judges, Brant D. Schuller and Becky McDonah, both of whom are professors in the art field at Millersville University. 

These judges spent three hours analyzing the selected entries to determine the winners. Artists were limited to five entries each, and two individuals had all five entries on display: Cameron Conroy and Mariana Espinosa. Many other artists had more than one entry on display in the exhibit.

The 72 entries on display come from a variety of different medias of art, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital art, ceramics and more.

The first artists to be recognized were the honorable mentions: “Withdrawal” by Colby Page, “SLEEPER 00” by Heather Barley, “Untitled” by Kaitlyn Durff and “Hive” by Alexis Woodring. They each received a $200 cash prize for their winning entries.

Carlos Mora-Fallas won the William D. Davis Memorial Drawing award for his piece, “Breaking News.”

Next up were pieces selected for their artistic merit. The three works were “Obligations” by Sarah Lieberman, “Cleanse” by Kimberly Braet and “Tentacle Vessel in Light Blue” by Carole DiDaniel.

The third-place prize was awarded to Mariana Espinosa for her work “Blur,” a digital print. She was awarded $300. The second-place prize was awarded to the photograph “Pump No.” by Jalen Brownson. He was awarded $400.

The 2023 Best of Exhibit Award Winner was “Columbia” by Cameron Conroy, an oil canvas painting of Conroy’s hometown. A $500 cash award was given to Conroy for his first-place prize. Shippensburg University President Charles Patterson was in attendance to award Conroy’s work as Best of the Exhibit. Cameron Conroy was excited to have been accepted, feeling that the hard work he put in had paid off.

The art exhibit will be available for viewing in the Kauffman Gallery until May 3. The exhibit can also be viewed online at from May 15, 2023, to March 1, 2024.

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